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Opening Night at LACMA

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, May 06, 2010

Credit: Kim Vinson
Gerryck King, Red Holloway, Jacques Lesure - musicans in the ensemble

An Authentic version of "back in the day" Jazz & Blues on opening night

The Friday Night Series of Jazz at the Los Angeles County Museum opened on April 16th with a legendary group of musicians.

The eager audience had long anticipated the return of this treasure-filled weekly event and we were not disappointed.

Red Holloway, a King in Jazz and Blues joined Geeryck King and the J.O.S. Band for a night of sheer musical pleasure.

Red Holloway - Saxophone

Gerryck King - Drums

Jacques Lesure - Guitar

Tom Tonyan - Organ

The trio started the set with a Jazz Standard without Mr. Holloway because Mr. King said, "I don't want him up here yet".

After a pleasing and tantalizing introduction piece, ”Whistle while you work" turned on its Jazz head, Red Hollowway joined the ensemble and they performed B.B. King's "Somebody Done Changed the Lock on My Door" with a slightly different twist. Part of the lyric empathetically vocalized by Mr. Holloway was, "My key don't fit her lock no mo". Uh...I guess his "Baby" was actually informing him of this quandary.

Nothing but down home Blues scrutiny was shared to illustrate the picture. Jacques on Guitar displayed uncanny and soulful ideas to connect with Red's fate.

Red articulated with his horn and vocal chops hat he indeed had the key and combination to her lock.

Geeryck let loose on the introduction and during his solo of Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington's, "Caravan". The pulsation, rhythm and movement of Mr. King's playing is nothing short of phenomenal. He'll carry you right into a place of ecstasy and wonderment that you feel as though you left the planet.

Mr. Tonyan on Organ added accents and expressive ideas that brought a pleasing smile to Red's face as well as the rest of the band.

Walter Gross' "Tenderly" was presented with love and an affecting presence by Red and his ensemble. The evolution of this piece was a magical with beautiful solos that penetrated audience hearts.

The ensemble continued enchanting the audience with a wonderful set of standards and straight ahead Jazz infused with the foundation of the Blues to indulge Jazz enthusiasts that had long awaited the return of the weekly Friday Night Jazz Rendezvous.

It was a delightful evening of Jazz extravaganza.

Please check website for future weekly Jazz concerts and the Upcoming Latin Music Series

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By Kim on May 06, 2010 at 04:08 pm

Thank you Cher. Your words are most appreciated:)

I really try and convey the joy and other feelings experienced though engagement with music

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By JJFCPA on May 08, 2010 at 08:40 am

A muscial expereience felt through words. I enjoyed reading this.

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