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Isn't judging wrong

by PATRICK PETION (writer), Little Ferry NJ, March 03, 2011

should I become your judge by trying to molds you to my preference

Advising a friend a sign of love. true love that is as fresh as the morning breeze, at a Caribbean island. it has that power to revitalize the inner person, while energizing and inspiring the recipient.

while sweat and refreshing, it must be welcoming and done with love and appreciation then it can be effective. unwell come advise are nothing else than a judgement. judging has no beneficial end to it, only hurt and misery come from it.

Nevertheless, those attach to the concept of our society are prompt to judge. it seem as some might find delight on judging others, even when not fully aware of the entirety of the situation. Judging a woman whom been taking advantage of by a man she met at a bar, was wrong. But we sometimes learn by our mistakes and understand that we should never rush to judgement. Who you are, will always determine the outcome of the situation.That's so important that you try to have some insight about someone before offering any opinion. opinion should be personal and confidential.Everyone have one.

Someone opinion should never determine who you are. Unfortunately, everyday we meet those who constantly try to affect our life, by trying to molds us to their preference. People judge us and decide whom we should be. you been identified by your college education, your employment, your proffession,or by the group they place you,age, color economic status. judging, judging, judging, we lost our originality and became as an instrument of the wheel.

but the truth is;We are all individual, with no identical soul, but we been judge as a mechanic tool. Really each of us as a soul, if you pay attention you might heard the real individual soul. Whom we are is determined by our live, what has influence us and how we react to different event in our life. then everyday decision and action we take built our character. sometimes others influence might conflicted with whom we really are. However the final decision is us, we are the one who have to live with our self for eternity. On that eternal journey we will meet million of soul, may none of them bring the worst out of you. you are not a mechanical instrument, but an eternal soul. nothing is more important than preserving that inner person.

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