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I Thought I Was Watching the News This Morning.......

by Soulglo (writer), Los Angeles, January 25, 2007


Every morning before work I switch on the news for a few minutes. I am fully aware that I should not expect to receive too much information pertinent to my life, but it seems that the industry is getting more and more ridiculous. Many mornings I have awoken to hear the latest news about Paris Hilton’s DUI or Lindsay’s rehab; Anna Nicole’s farcical behavior, the Olsen twins lack of body fat. Enough is enough my friends. Why are we not hearing more about our soldiers who are being killed and maimed, why aren’t we hearing about the ongoing genocide in the Sudan? Why aren’t we hearing more about how we are getting screwed over by the oil industry or the latest on the tricks up Ahmadinejad’s sleeve? I would really like to know. Americans are some of the most compassionate people on Earth. I know that we care about important issues, so why do we allow our news outlets to flood the airwaves with nonsense about stupid, spoiled brats, award shows in which rich people honor each other and sports stars with gigantic pockets and even bigger egos?

Isn’t this a form of censorship - where the media skips reporting on the issues that really matter in favor of sensationalist drivel in the interest of ratings? Our collective heads are in the sand and we don’t even know it. We need to wake up and start demanding that the news-media perform its civic duty of keeping its viewership educated, not entertained. Those who want to watch something ridiculous can to turn to Fox during primetime and allow those of us who desire to be informed become so without the heaping helpings of trash that we are currently subject to.

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By Ariel on January 25, 2007 at 04:47 pm
Completely agree with you Soulglo. I was shocked when I arrived in the US and tried to watch some decent news programs on TV. I grew up in France where the situation is much better in that matter. In France, the major public channels all have a 30-40 minutes news program everyday at 8pm. It's a tradition to eat dinner and watch the news over there. And there's not a single commercial break until the end of the news. However, I found some of the news reports too be very biased which is why I switched to the Internet as my primary source of news information. I haven't found anything comparable here in the US on public TV. If you have any suggestions ... :)
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