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Historic Elections in Sudan

Sudan organizes its first historic elections after the war that lasted more than 25 years.

After a long period of the war that lasted almost 24 years, for the first time, finally tomorrow the Sudanese are Sudan electing the new president and the parliamentarians. These historic elections are a step ahead toward unity and democracy if these elections are held in peace and with credibility. This will only succeed if the members of the Sudanese government together with the organizers of the elections are truly committed to bring peace in the country. However, this also requires that the opposition and the different political parties that are in the country take part to this great event; and so there can be an expectation of moving toward democracy in Sudan. In case all these people commit to willingly take part to the elections, this may guarantee that the polls countrywide are free and so violence and intimidation can be shunned though not a hundred per cent.

The very long lasting war in Sudan seems to end in polls; so the Sudanese are urged to go massively to the ballot boxes countrywide as a sign of supporting democracy. For this reason, they should cast a vote for a president from the Southern part of the country together with governors of state and the members of the national and the local assemblies. Sudanese had signed the CPA- Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005. Indeed, these elections will convey the carrying out of this accord that is considered as putting an end to the long-lasting civil war in the Southern part of Sudan. On the very issue, the UN spokesperson reported that the UN boss Mr Ban -Ki was pleased with the Sudanese process of electing their leaders; he added that this is an expression of the people exercising their rights to vote their leaders through polls. The UN boss added that “for the international community, the holding of peaceful and credible elections is of paramount importance”. The process of the elections is starting from tomorrow April 11, 2010 and it will last for three days.

The elections observers from the EU- European Union- left the region of Darfur due to lack of sustainable security. In the same vein, some opposition parties admitted they would not participate to these elections. Their boycott would be negatively considered since this may raise further conflicts in the country. Therefore, these elections would not have been constructive for the country move toward a solid political space for democracy.

However, the process is not to discourage as it is the beginning. The Sudanese government, the political parties and the Sudanese Election Commission known as NEC- National Electoral Commission are to give confidence because they need to conduct these elections in peace and without violence or intimidation to the voters and the opposition members country wide. This will be a good step toward dialogue, a way to sit together and discuss the most important issues tearing the country apart.

As for assistance, the United Nations has provided some logistical support to the commission in charge of organizing these elections; this was requested by the UN security council. Ban-ki Moon together with Alain Le Roy insisted on the fact that this week on Sudan will try to do what they can but these bosses will land their hands later. In this context, some observers, both national and international will be assessing this process. Thus, 750 national observers will work hand in hand with 1 800 observers from Sudan in these elections. For Le Roy, the legitimacy of the outcomes of these elections will be particularly the decision of the Sudanese.

We hope this is the way toward democracy in which all the Sudanese will share the future in order to build a strong Sudan that respects human rights in general.

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on April 14, 2010 at 01:42 am

For sure, Cher. The elections would heal them provided they are not cheated; this would bring democracy and so the people would heal from the various agonies they have been going through.

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