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Our “Friendship”

by Amo (writer), New York, April 09, 2010

This poem was written for a dear and special friend in 2003, she’s no longer with us…however our “friendship” still endures, I hope you enjoy it Amo

By Robert Amoroso

A knowing glance,
a whispered word,
a silent thought
that can be heard.
A promise kept,
a silly grin,
a beating heart
that needs to sing.

A memory shared,
a moment in time,
a scribbled note,
a gift of wine.

Who could ever imagine
that a daily ride could kindle
a friendship that's impossible
to hide. While this “thing”
between us is obvious to all
I try to remember, I try to recall,
how did it all start I know not when
I can only remember you being
a “friend “.

And while this bond that we share
is relatively new, a friendship like
ours, is shared by a few.

Yet there may come a time
there may come a day, when
this bond may be tested and
we’ll need to walk away,
and if that accrues
please let it be known
it's because of our friendship,
and the fact that we've grown.

And no power on earth can take that away,
because the memories we shared
will forever stay.

Copyright 2003 Robert Amoroso

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