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Francisco guides us soulfully into 2007 at the Biltimore

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, January 24, 2007

It was a brisk night as I made my way inside the festive Hotel. Francisco Aquabella was on the Biltmore Hotel's "Havana Nights; New Year's Eve Extravaganza." That last word is an understatement to the humble, exhilarating, mind-blowing approach to the percussionist's brilliance. With each song suited for dancing as well as conscientious listening. One could easily get lost in the jubilation of the evening. Francisco's soulful and passionate pulse presented the woodwind soloist with praise but Francisco was legendary throughout the night with mellow, vibrant, complex beats sailing melodically and harmonically through each tune as fine and age wine.

I marveled as I contemplated the coming year unable to sit still and move to the beat of his drum in my seat.

Aquabella's band did not disappoint the dancers, lovers, fervent fans, and workers. The rhythm section laid out intricate and innovative lines for the entire evening. One could feel heaven's touch or as if you had ascended to another planet enjoying the message of the groove within each song.

2007 was hailed in with hugs and best wishes. Balloons fell and couples kissed. I shook hands, shared hugs and kisses with the men and women that had laid the groundwork for the euphoric evening. A small crowd of workers dressed in Black and White stood on the sidelines. Their diligent yet unseen chorus laid the groundwork for the celebratory gala.

Francisco smiled and joined in the gaiety as 2006 became the past. He had truly been the inspiration of the night with his quiet yet potent palpitating message brought forth to please all palates. In my estimation, he aromatically and resounding did.

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