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Un-Buckle-Up ... I'm Taking a Walk

by Adam G (writer), West Los Angeles, January 24, 2007


I have a good friend that lives nearby. No, I mean really nearby. Now, I know what you're thinking: by our standards, I must mean under 15 minutes, barring traffic, of course. No, no, no ... I'm talking five blocks nearby. Just imagine our phone conversations!

Him: " 'Sup, G?"
Me: “Nothin, chillin.”
Him: “Nice. You comin over?”
Me: “Yup, yup. See you in a bit.”

No discussion of freeways, no mention of prevailing traffic patterns. Only pure, worthless, post-modern ebonics for the white guy. It totally rocks!

We don't have too much in common, but we get along, watch sports, and we both prefer Coors Light bottles to cans. And, I think that's enough for a couple of straight dudes. Did I mention I can walk to his house? And, he has a large, high-definition television ... a considerable bonus.

I moved here from Oregon four years ago with my fiancé at the time. She's now my wife (funny how that happens). She was coming back home, having grown up outside Pasadena. I, however, enjoyed quite a different experience growing up in rural Oregon. One high school, three exits on the freeway, and two Taco Bells. We only ate at the good one. I used to ride my bike or walk to school in good weather. I moved to Portland after college, and that fair city served as excellent conditioning, a stepping-stone on my journey from a town of 20,000 to the untold millions of LA.

This country boy is still overwhelmed at times with the city. There's really no such thing as a quick errand, in my opinion. Every time I strap on the seatbelt, I know I'm entering the arena of battle. Turning onto Santa Monica Blvd., I get a jolt of adrenaline and merge with the surging flow of traffic headed towards the nearest Ralph's. Entering the parking lot, I quickly narrow my adversaries into two categories: those who must relinquish (and in short order!) their parking spot to me, versus those who will attempt to purloin my freshly vacated spot. Once inside, the struggle between good and evil continues at the service deli ... or maybe it's all in my head.

My wife and I want to buy a house soon. I'd like to be able to walk to the grocery store, a Starbucks/Peet's/Coffee Bean (doesn't matter, I'm neither picky nor discerning), a sanitary restaurant or two, perhaps a Radio Shack to quench my frequent nine-volt battery cravings. A guess the real deal-breaker is a backyard. A sanctuary in which I can be alone with my thoughts, and possibly a remote-control helicopter (my new obsession, we'll visit this in the next article). I am looking forward to sharing this space with my wife, my dog, and future offspring (of mine).

Well, for now, as I hit the sidewalk and begin the short walk toward my buddy's house, I've got a few moments to enjoy the fresh air, take in the scenery and think about how I fit into this crazy neighborhood, city, world, etc. But, not for too long ... wouldn't want to get lost on that head-trip again. And anyway, I'm already here.

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By Ariel on January 24, 2007 at 10:54 am
I'd recommend Venice/Santa Monica around Main Street. There's pretty much all you want walking distance there, and it's a short ride to Lincoln if you want stores like CVS, Ralph's, etc...could even be a bike ride. And there's the beach on top of all that.
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By Steven Lane on January 24, 2007 at 01:41 pm
Large high def TV's are critical to long term friendships, especially, if like myself, you don't have one. Bike rides in L.A. are cool, just make sure you know where you are going. lol
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By V on January 25, 2007 at 11:21 am
Venice. One of the few 'walking' neighborhoods in L.A. and there's always your bike. I LOVE remote control helicopters. They're also a little bit freaky because I don't understand really how they work, but I want one.
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By Kay C on April 09, 2007 at 02:45 pm
Great article Adam.
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