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In LA, It's All About Getting Lucky

by Laura Nicole Finkel (writer), Los Angeles, January 23, 2007


It's getting harder to avoid. Walk into any Trader Joe's in the greater Los Angeles area and you'll see them: thirty-somethings in eco-friendly designer sweatsuits steering their carts like SUV's through isles of cheap, organic fruits and veggies...ready to network.

What do most of these "alternative" folks have in common, you might ask, aside from the requisite hip or ankle tattoo (and a desire for cheap and organic produce?) For one, most of them are transplants to our fair city, here for one purpose only. Like many of us, they're here to pursue their most formidable hopes and dreams, to "make it!" ostensibly in one of the creative industries that center here in Los Angeles. They're here, in fact, with hopes to become one of those cherished few that have gracefully escalated to the top in their chosen field and are now, finally considered one of The Lucky Ones.

So have you ever wondered to yourself, what percentage of these hopefuls who move to Los Angeles with stars in their eyes, actually succeed in achieving their dreams? Are you the only one still toiling away at your 12th script, 3rd collection of unshown artwork or mass-mailed-to-no-avail headshots? Maybe you've heard the Urban Legand that many of these seekers less gritty that Yourself, have turned on their heels and fled back to Kansas after 6 months to a year of exasperating frustration. In fact my last two roomates, both working actors from New York, each returned to the Big Apple quite promptly after looking for work in LA and coming up empty handed. Apparently feeling like a little fish in an enormous lake of shark has its drawbacks.

So where, exactly, am I heading with this commentary? Like an altruistic favorite aunt, i'm simply here to offer you a friendly, constructive, albeit unsolicited suggestion. Stop texting for a moment, detatch yourself from your ipod and take a nice long look at how you've been spending your time over the last few years. Have you accomplished your most cherished goals, or are you at least actively moving toward them? If not, why not? If your "real" life has gotten in the way, are those passionate dreams of achieving your creative destiny still in your heart of hearts?

Everytime I open my eyes, see someone I love, hear a devastating news story on the radio, or read something somewhere that stirs my soul I wonder: am I still on my chosen path? Perhaps your goals and priorities have shifted or even totally changed since moving to Los Angeles. Maybe you're still struggling to find out what it is you can do that will give you meaning and happiness every day for the rest of your life.

No matter where you are on your path or in your struggle, recognize that at every moment you have literally hundreds of choices: to move forward towards your dreams or to back away from them and create new ones. Whatever those choices become in the end, regardless of your geograraphic location, if you are active in your follow through and conscious in your intention, you CAN be one of the lucky ones.

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By KLiedle on July 17, 2007 at 01:58 pm
This is a great article! I think most people end up "frittering away" their lives, esp. in Los Angeles. Here, we don't have the distinct season changes of other places so time goes by without us noticing as much. Like you, I'm constantly monitoring where I'm at, where I want to be, who I want to be, and how to accomplish those goals.
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By Shari G on July 28, 2007 at 03:00 pm
I completely agree with this! I am one of those actors (minus the SUV and designer clothes) and really do think that it is necessary to step back and ask yourself where you are and if your heart is fulfilled with what it is you are doing. I have, I am and more than anything, I am HAPPY.
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