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Have you been to Pasadena lately?

by Soulglo (writer), Los Angeles, January 24, 2007


If you haven't you might be quite surprised. As an alumni of San Diego State University, I spent the last couple of years visiting my fare city only once or twice every couple of months. Each time I crossed over into the city limits, I was quite surprised. This or that old staple (the United Artists theatre on Colorado, Goldsteins Bagel Bakery right across the street) had been replaced by this or that trendy outlet that most Pasadenians have no interest in patronizing (Tiffany's or another Starbucks). Look, I am not anti-progress, to the contrary, I know that there have been parts of Pasadena that were in desperate need of re-vamping; however, when the city that one grows up becomes largely unrecogizable, it can be quite depressing.

Have you been to Foothill and Sierra Madre lately? Remember that stange empty area across the street from El Torito? About a million over-priced condos are being erected at this very moment. That means about five-million new people will be on the 210, clogging the already over-worked streets and strolling the over-priced boulevards of Old Town to the shagrin of those of us who remember the days when the 210 wasn't constantly jammed.

I don't know what it is, perhaps it's the popularity of the Rose parade, or the realization that the subburbs of L.A. are wonderful, but I don't like the way things are going. It's been some time since I realized that I could never afford a house in Pasadena, but now it seems like hometown folks such as myself are not wanted anywhere within the city limits. I was browsing the real-estate section of the newspaper this Sunday; tiny two-bedroom houses priced at $700,000+ were quite common. Give me a break. Pasadena used to be a middle-class haven, our own little peice of Los Angeles at the base of those beautiful mountains, a multi-cultural enclave, where regular folks could raise their families in decent neighborhoods with decent schools nearby.

When I think of Pasadena today, I think of Overpriced housing, overpriced stores and a declining small-town feeling that used to make Pasadena great.

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By mattjosh on January 24, 2007 at 06:23 pm
I never knew Pasadena like you did, but I work there now and have noticed continuing changes even over the past year. I grew up in the Valley, which also used to be affordable. Oh well.
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