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African Gorillas in Peril

The African gorilla faces threats on all sides to its continued existence on earth.

The Gorillas on the African continent are threatened of extinction if nothing is done to protect them.

According to some researchers, the gorillas of the African continent may go extinct within fifteen years. This may happen if nothing is done to protect them against poaching and their illegal trafficking on and outside the continent. Even their dwelling places are in danger since some forests in which these great animals used to hide and reproduce are being damaged by people. This widely shows that there is a need of an SOS to protect these animals which attract tourists to Africa from all over the world.

Gorillas are one of the most visited animals on the African continent; so their protection is valuable since they are present in ten of the countries that make the Central African area. The acute question is to know what is going on exactly in the forests of Africa. Indeed the meat of these animals is very appreciated by the population because some people do believe their meat is not only good as food but also good medicine.

Some tribes in Africa, like in the Congo DRC believe that in eating the meat of these monkeys they will have been exempted of some diseases. Others believe that if they chew the bones of these animals, they will become as stout as they are and they will never become old. There are other people who use their skin and fur and bones, paritcularly the skull, the nails and the teeth in witchcraft and sorcery. These are just a few of the things which endanger the lives of these precious animals. These unfortunate animals are needed by international tourists or any other people who capture them when young. The aim of this is to sell them abroad very costly as pet or collection animals.

In the Congo, for example, the mining activities and illegal forest exploitation are another kind of threat for these species. The illegal destruction of the forests is a daily activity that involves a majority of the people who live near the forests; they forget that these forests are the protection of these kinds of monkeys that can generate a high income to the country if they are well protected. These forests also are necessary as they contribute to generating oxygen we breathe. All the people should feel the need of protecting these monkeys because they have become a kind of looted resources that are sold to European or Asian companies, which grows them billions of dollars per month in their income.

As earlier stated, these animals are hunted for, it seems, their nutritive meat. This meat is sold by poachers who use fire arms to kill them in the forests. These gorillas are mammals that are beyond everything hunted in order to feed mine diggers. Wars can also be a great cause of the extinction of these animals because oftentimes, the fighters hide in forests and there they have nothing to feed on except animals, including gorillas. Once there is war, people are displaced and they seek refuge in forest where they destroy it, set it on fire, cut trees for producing charcoals; this make these animals lose shelter. Killing various animals including gorillas is a great loss for the country in particular and for the world heritage in general.

We should not forget that this species is also attacked by some viruses like Ebola, which may extinguish them if nothing is done to protect them. Being aware of the threats to gorillas, everyone should be informed that these animals are a great heritage of the world and thus their protection should be a priority for all the countries, which should denounce the their illegal trafficking, killing and destruction of their dwelling places that are the forests.

One of the Central African countries, namely Rwanda is making a great difference; there is every year a ceremony dedicated to name baby mountain gorillas. This event is countrywide celebrated in the presence of the local leadership and visitors from all over the world join in. I think this is a good example the other countries of this region should follow as to protect gorillas.

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5 comments on African Gorillas in Peril

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By Theresa H Hall on March 26, 2010 at 02:27 pm

WHAT is this world coming to!?! Everytime I think I'll be able to concentrate on my day and the work at hand, I read more horror stories, and this one is making me quite ill. Eating Gorrilas! They're practically human for heaven's sake.

What the world needs is education, to be taught to grow food and become practically vegetarians. We need to clean up our act quickly or there won't be anything left to eat or drink. Water is our largest concern. Cruelty is our second. All I can think to shout is ... "Just Stop It!"

Oh do make it all go away.

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on March 28, 2010 at 04:42 am

Theresa, your question deserves to be asked but the people you are asking it are deaf; for sure this is leading to total destruction of the environment. Violence is now directed on every living beings and this is waful.

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on March 29, 2010 at 01:47 am
Cher, that would really be a good step ahead and yet DR Congo and Rwanda are neighbors in the East. This is question of willing and setting up solid administration. Due to the consecutive wars in the DR Congo, most of its gorilla mountains have taken refuge in Rwanda where they feel well protected. I recently read in a local newspaper that the Rwandese male gorillas have now married all the DR Congo female gorillas who took refuge in Ibirunga national park in Rwanda. This is normal because even among human beings, marriage is an important step for social integration. If these animals have decided to live together despite their origins, why human beings are still so violent and hating their neighbors? Will the DR Congo gorillas think of coming back home one day once security is total in the forests?
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By mikeross on April 07, 2010 at 10:54 pm

I hope that the African gorillas could still be saved. They deserve to live like humans and other animals.

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on April 08, 2010 at 01:19 am

Mikeross, thanks for this comment. Indeed, they can be saved provided the leadership decide so. They are beings like us and they deserve rights to life. When we see them, we feel happy and yet, if well protected they generate income for the country as they do attract tourists.

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