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Lost in Jazz...

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, March 23, 2010

Credit: Betty Hoover
Willie Jones III, Musician/Drummer

The Willie Jones III Quartet presents the illuminating Essence of Jazz at the " A Frame"

Passion reaches a pinnacle of euphoria at the marvelous venue of Jazz at the A Frame over looking Los Angeles nestled in the Hollywood Hills on Sunday, March 21, 2010.

The Willie Jones III Quartet presented an afternoon of splendid bliss in the affair of musical adventure.

Willie now resides in New York City was once a Los Angeles resident. An extraordinary musician, proficient on Drums led his Quartet.

Hamilton Price - Bass

Gil Castellanos - Trumpet, Flugel Horn

Donald Vega - Piano

The afternoon of melodic and harmonic wonder began with a beautiful introduction by Mr. Vega on Piano into "You stepped out of a dream" a wonderful Standard composed by Nacio Herb Brown. Mr. Castellanos continued sharing his own splendid version of the dream on Trumpet with an affecting and immediate audience connection.

Gil shares a tranquil conflagration to this warm piece and the solo given by Donald puts me on the path of sheer musical paradise.

A trade of 4's between Donald and Willie, Gil and Willie, and Willie, Gil, Hamilton, and Donald left us all smiles.

Just a phrase in regards to the Bass, Mr. Price was exceptional taking us into a groove as never before experienced as he seemly swayed in a sultry but very rhythmic dance as he played. The upright instrument was his gorgeous partner.

Dizzy Gillespie's "Con Alma" was presented in an astonishing format with a glorious intro by Mr. Jones. It was hard not to let out a shout on this one among the poised audience, so I didn't! Oh Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! Before I knew it, those were the words I vocalized as the trumpet moved into an unbelievable groove that was grand.

Dizzy must have been shouting too, with the entire Angelic Chorus in Heaven.

Willie gave a contagious smile and nod of approval.

Hamilton had experienced rapture into another time and space, as he took the audience with him with rich harmony, pulsation, accents, and more.

Donald shared in a moving way that imparted fresh spring water to Jazz thirsty aficionados.

Other Standards performed were, Cole Porter's "What is this thing called love?" and Burton Lane's "Old Devil Moon".

There was an ever present amalgamation between the musicians throughout each section of music. Each musician was acutely aware of what the other needed to highlight their individual solo.

Gil gave a riveting rendition of Don Redman's "Gee Baby Ain't I good to you?" Ah...Pure Blues, All Soul, Lots of Funk, and Nothing but Spiritual union from the depths of the Genesis of Jazz.

As he played, I envisioned the twilight streets of New Orleans in the wee hours of the morning still alive with the streaming soul cry of musicians' playing Jazz for hungry devotees.

This same urgency was displayed by the intuitive quartet.

Gil was joined by an exquisite and heart-rending solo from Mr. Willie Jones on Drums leaving the audience seized and captivated under his brushwork, accents, hi-hat, and all he shared. It was pure unadulterated Jazz. Donald and Hamilton both added their individual sweetness to the profound performance. The thing is this music is portraying so much breadth and depth and the fashion in which this quartet lays it before you is purely mind blowing.

Donald Vega shared an original composition from his CD, "Nostalgia" that was a lovely tune shared in a prolific ballad mode, engaging the audience, individual musicians as well as the composer.

The evening was completed with an inspiring performance of Miles Davis' "The Theme" exhibiting call and response between the musicians and from the joy-filled and satisfied audience.

The encounter was one that will not be soon forgotten but remained embossed on our hearts and in our ears long into the future.

A gracious and glorious shout of appreciation goes to Ms. Betty Hoover our soulful and intuitive hostess and to all those who assisted her to make this one of the most exhilarating musical engagements I've experienced.

For information on future Jazz musical interludes at the "A Frame", please check the website at:

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By Kim on March 23, 2010 at 07:12 pm

Thanks very much, Cher. Your comments are much appreciated:)

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By Theresa H Hall on March 24, 2010 at 10:58 pm

Being married to a Jazz Artist (he plays bass), I totally understand your euphoric mood, while experiencing this featured musician. That is how one understands a good jazz performance. It is an interpretation of the sounds that are strummed, blown and beat into rhythmic tempos.

This was a fine representation of your Sunday afternoon, listening to music that has the power to move you.

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