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The Power of America

by ranfuchs (writer), CT, USA, March 20, 2010

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Is this how America looks out at the world? Or how the world sees America?

Most Americans are ignorant about the world. What can they learn from the rest of the world? What can the world learn from America?

It’s interesting to see how many of the Americans who believe that their country is the best in the world have never been outside their country. Many have not even been outside their state. But still their conviction is unquestionable.

It’s fascinating to speak to Americans who tell you how good everything American is, just because they don’t know what alternatives exist. Coming from overseas, I – with a full medical coverage – have often argued that the medical system here is grossly inadequate, wasteful and unfair. I always find it surprising when someone with little or no medical cover whatsoever blindly defends the system as the best in the world – despite all evidence to the contrary.

It’s amusing to meet overseas Americans who travel to find Americana wherever they go. In European casinos, for instance, you can see hoards of American tourists flock onto the American roulette tables, made just for them. Non-Americans will never touch these roulettes as they are made with two zeros instead of one and therefore reduce your odds. American tourists, on the other hand, are happily paying the premium for the privilege to use American. Casinos love them.

It’s funny to hear how many Americans believe that most people around the world do not like America because they are jealous. This is despite the fact that in their own countries they may have free education, free health care, a month-off work every year, an annual maternity leave, and still work for firms that successfully compete with American companies. This competitiveness is hardly ever appreciated here, as statistics about American productivity is skewed by the longer working hours and lower wages. However, the fact is that in many industries American production per hour worked lags behind other developed countries is rarely acknowledged.

It’s heart-breaking to observe how many in the US are not aware of how America’s position in the world has deteriorated: financially, economically, politically. Everyone supported America after Sept 11, but it didn’t take a decade to erode this sentiment; it will take many decades to repair the damage, if ever at all.

It’s heart-warming to feel how despite all the problems and issues America suffers from, people here are still positive and optimistic. This optimism, positive energy and the inspiring power is America’s main strength, and the very thing the rest of the world should learn from it. But what should America learn from the world?

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By The Gaming Gentleman on March 21, 2010 at 03:17 pm

Brave stride into the American state of mind. I am British and have travelled to the US several times. I like it there. I like the people, mostly, I like the lifestyle, mostly (I also like my free healthcare, free education, etc). The vast majority of people I have met there have expressed preconceptions of my country or the British outlook based on what they have heard, read or seen on TV. When I moved to explain or correct some of the issues that we discussed the majority of the people I spoke to were open to changing their mind. The many Americans I have worked with over here, who have travelled, are very aware of the world outside the USA and are not wrapped into a preconception of US superiority.

Having access to news from many different countries on my SKY TV, I often watch news reports from BBC, France24, SKY News, Al Jazeera, CNN and Fox. Notably, Fox and CNN seem to have more US centric stories, rarely looking at world events and often dedicating lots of airtime to domestic issues. Fox even has something called around the world in 60 seconds, which covers global news in one minute, most of which is "cat stuck up tree in Barcelona" type stories. Perhaps the seeming lack of international awareness in the States can in someway be attributed to the news item decisions made by the major news agencies there? Just a theory.

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By ranfuchs on March 21, 2010 at 03:25 pm

thanks for your comment. I, too, like it here. But living here and visiting here is a different experience altogether. When you live here, you encounter, day to day, people you would not otherwise meet. This is the vast majority of America, that I never met when I was travelling here either on holiday or business.

As for the news, I like your theory. But what comes first? Are the people interested in what the media gives them, or maybe, it is the media that gives people what they want?

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on March 25, 2010 at 02:21 am

Ranfus, this gives a lot of learning; however if americans are positive and optimistic, they are not to blame. We learn more from travelling outside our cradle land. We can also learn more though we have not travelled around the world because with the development of technology, is a person is interested in reading, listening to radios, watching Tv and befriending lots of people I think they can learn a lot. Change in behaviors is necessary and it should be noted that everyone has enemies and friends, so is America. This depends on the attitude of everyone. Even God the creator of everything is not loved by everybody.

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