Monday, September 24, 2018

The International Day for Women

This day is dedicated to speaking out the plights of abuse done to females in society worldwide. Women and girls should be given equal chances like men and boys at all stances of of life.

This March 8, the world is celebrating the International Day for Women. We may wonder, why only women? The reasons are very numerous. For ages, women and girls have always been victims of human rights violence, discrimination and abuse in their own homes and in the society in general. This is often supported by some cultural values that give the big share to males.

In some homes for instance, women and girls do not enjoy their rights fully. They are considered servants and they are not given any special attention. Some African cultures, for instance still consider females second class people; for this reason they are not given the same chances like males for some opportuniuties like going to school, working outside the home, owning a property, speakig in public, etc. This should not be tolerated in this 21st century. All human beings are endowed with various ablilities and these can be explored differently following the environment provided chances are given.

Some African cultures favour such degrading practices; a woman cannot inherit her father's belonging even if no boy is in this family. Girls are being married by force with men they have never dreamt of. This is terrible as these women will undergo various kinds of violence. They are beaten in their homes, they are refused to eat some kinds of food whereas those food contain neccessary matters for the boby to grow well, they are kept at home just to raise the kids and plow the land for survival. This shows that they are not respected, they are refuse chances to develop, the law is not respected. They cannot speak out all these evils they see or live. Though living these harsch situations, they have learned to shut up in the name of culture.

In Congo, you can find discrimination based on gender; in schools and even in churches where there are specific schools for boys and those for girls, yet they are following the same programme. The same in churches, men cannot sit together with women, yet they are following the same preaching. This makes peole grow thinking that men and women should not come close or share.

In other parts of the world, women and girls are being trafficked, just as objects. They are involved into early age prostitution, they are mutilated parts of their genitals, they are raped. Violence built on gender causes underdevelopment at all levels. In this context, no country can fully develop if women are left behind and not given any opportunity to develop. The world is witnessing today how women are making and changing history.

For the reasons above, the world should stand together hand in hand to say NO to all forms of violence that are being done on females worldwide. This would help all the contries to make a step ahead in develoment. Those cultures and some sadist people favouring males to disregard females should be banned. In letting all people share and enjoy equally their rights, we would be building a safe world for each of us and for the generations to come.

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on March 09, 2010 at 09:37 am
Hurricane, Great idea!!!! Thank you for your great comment and such impartial distribution would be fair if implemented.
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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on March 09, 2010 at 09:38 am
Hurricane, Great idea!!!! Thank you for your great comment and such impartial distribution would be fair if implemented.
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