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France and Rwanda Renew Ties: Sarkozy in Kigali.

Credit: Mugisho Ndabuli Theophile
Kagame and Sarkozy after a meeting.

The historical visit of Sarkozi in Rwanda opens a new page.

Rwanda will never forget this historical visit of Sarkozy in Kigali after 16 years since the genocide killed more than 800 000 people in Rwanda in three months. In 1994, Rwanda lived a tragedy of genocide. Rwanda has always accused France of having helped the Interahamwe militia by training them and providing them with weaponries to carry out the genocide and that France helped them to flee to the former Zaire, today Congo to Kinshasa by openig a corridor for them.

When the new government came in Rwanda, that of Rwandan Patriotic Front_ RPF under Kagame, France was alleged to have been involved in the genocide; but France has always denied these allegations. In 2006, the French judge Jean Louis Bruguiere issued international warrants to arrest top leaders of Rwanda including Kagame himself, accusing them of having shot the plane that was carrying the former president of Rwanda, Juvenal Habyarimana. This shooting of the plane is said, for Bruguiere, to fuel genocide. These warranties intensified the tension between these countries.Rwanda decided to cut diplomatic relations with France by chasing the France ambassador from Kigali and later on France did the same. This was hastened by the arrest of the close collaborator of Kagame, Ms Kabuye, who was arrested in Germany as the result of implementing these warrants. Yesterday, February25, 2010, the president of France,Sarkorz, visited Kigali for some hours, and he had talks with Rwandan leaders and the media. After that he was conducted to the genocide memorial where he deposited a bunch of flower as to honor the victims of genocide. These flowers were deposited on a mass grave of 250 000 victims at the memorial. He was shown around the memorial and he expressed the failure of the United Nations and the 'operation Turquoise directed by France at that time to have stopped the killings. In a press conference, Sarkozy said that the errors of history should not be repeated and that France and Rwanda are building a positive comprehension in order to tighten their bilateral relations. The latter, according to Sarkozy, will mainly focus on culture, development and politics. As for the leaders of the militia hiding in France, Sarkozy said necessary measures will be taken. The ambassador of France in Rwanda said that his country took the first step in renewing their bilateral cooperation by first sending their minister of foreign affairs to Kigali, followed by the opening their embassy in Kigali in September 2009

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on March 01, 2010 at 02:30 am

Cher, that is a good thing when ties are renewed. This is a good step forward and it will help a lot in bringing peace in the great lakes region. Yes, if France continues this way, it wil be positive.

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on March 01, 2010 at 02:31 am


Yes, this is a good positive step ahead. Your prayers will be valuable here.

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