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Literarily Speaking with Author Gary Morgenstein

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Why do men have a hard time finding the right woman? Gary Morgenstein, author of "How To Find a Woman...OR Not..." tells us why.

Tired of ordering in Thai food and watching a Netflix on Saturday nights? Don’t despair. Finding true love isn’t impossible as long as you view the entire world as one big singles bar. Walking your dog, practicing yoga, riding mass transit, buying a book, even visiting a friend in the hospital can lead to the woman of your dreams.

Critically-acclaimed novelist/playwright Gary Morgenstein provides the romantic roadmap in his new book, How to Find a Woman...Or Not. We interviewed Gary to find out why men have a hard time finding that right woman and how his book can fix that.

Thank you for this interview, Gary. Can you tell us briefly what your new book, How to Find a Woman…Or Not is about?

It’s a dating and relationship book with a groundbreaking new method for finding true love. If you view all of Planet Earth as a singles bar, then walking your dog, practicing yoga, riding mass transit, buying a book or lamb chops, renting an apartment, washing your socks or even getting your teeth cleaned can lead to the woman of your dreams.

How is your book different from other relationship books on the market with the same theme?

Other relationship books generally focus on one area, say online dating. Or how to meet a beautiful rich woman. I’m a hopeless romantic who believes love of any kind is true love. Since I’m a novelist/playwright as well as a public relations executive – along with having gone on a bazillion dates -- I blend all that into character insights, sample dialogue to use, dos and don’t and talking points for all situations. I furnish practical advice for meeting women in all situations, from hospitals and gyms to airport terminals; the best conversation-opening props; charming a girl in an elevator; what not to put in your supermarket shopping cart; romance in a doctor’s waiting room; how to land an older or younger woman; phone call/texting/email tips; navigating online dating; work relationships without losing your job; pros and cons of your mother finding you a girl; the do’s and don’ts of dating behavior; bedroom tactics, progressing beyond the first date to a real relationship, and much more.

What do you think is the # 1 reason why men have a hard time finding the right woman?

Men believe they can out-think women when it comes to dating. Hello guys, forget about it. Since they’ve been little, women have planned their weddings. While we were ogling Playboy centerfolds, they used Barbie and Ken dolls to re-enact relationships. It’s like an ant playing chess with a computer. They are light years ahead of us at every turn. This gets us into trouble because we fail to try and understand how women think and what turns them off.

What should a man do to help himself be more attractive to the opposite sex?

Listen, listen, listen. Even on a first date, a woman is already calculating what kind of partner you’ll make and whether you’ll be sensitive and responsive. We, of course, are wondering what kind of good night kiss we’ll get. Interrupting, talking about yourself, showing off, making inappropriate comments, this is suicide! Of course, I also suggest not getting a day of haircut since it looks like you’re ready for the class picture. Always over dress, shows you care enough about her to want to make a good impression. Above all else, make her laugh!

Do you believe in soul mates and, if so, how do we find our soul mate?

If you can’t believe, then why bother? I mean, if you’re only after sex, get a hooker, right? But if you’re going to date, go all out. Look for love. For that person who will hold you when the world is dark. You find love by being open-minded. Don’t prejudge, especially when it comes to looks. Oh, I know, we all need that sizzle. But there’s way more to a relationship than how she looks in a tight dress. Think about the qualities that matter to you on a daily basis. You’ll be surprised how low her cup size ranks.

Thank you so much for this interview, Gary. We wish you much success!

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