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City Living - The City Is My Muse

by Jack Bates (writer), Alameda, February 19, 2010

Credit: smallerdemon
My beautiful city captured by smallerdemon

My idea of city living, warts and all. Inspired by my affair with San Francisco.

The City, she blankets us all and provides without judgment. We shape her even as we are shaped by her. Statues to our victors and fallen become part of our city as she molds the minds of our children. Crayons in hand, they draw dreams of firemen, plumbers, and peacocks at the zoo.

Our City has grit, rhythm, and a hustling hostility that drives many to pray, many others to sin. Smoking, drinking, gambling, betting on sports. Sports of men and animals, thinking ourselves civilized as we attend opera and concerts.

Glamor and glitz of our greed living side by side with our lights of love. The truth of the comics of our youth prophesized a life that should be. Our undiscovered faith in our city hits us in full 3D in times of crisis when we band together, step out of our cookie cutter lives, to be the heroes of our youth's imagining.

Our City is as sexy and hard as she is eternally grateful.

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2 comments on City Living - The City Is My Muse

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By csbmonkey on February 19, 2010 at 10:53 am

I have described my own love affair with the San Francisco as unrequited love. I love San Francisco, but San Francisco doesn't love me.

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By ranfuchs on February 19, 2010 at 10:50 pm

NY, on the other hand, is insatiable

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