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The crying game

by Olina Stefansson (writer), Los Angeles, January 16, 2007

Watching the Golden Globes last night made me think about the different ways people choose to present themselves.
And the big question is: “Why do Americans have to be so cheesy”?
What is it with the badly acted humble crumble behaviour.
The obvious insincerity and vanity.
The only and I repeat the only exceptions among the award winning actors were Meryl Streep and Eddie Murphy who seemed to have the self respect not to portray them self's like fools.

How come that the foreign actors seem capable to give good acceptance speeches? Both Huge Laurie and Jeromy Irons managed to be funny, endearing, showed gratitude and generosity with out sounding phony.

The acceptance speech of the young actress America Ferrera who received the awards for Ugly Betty was strange to say the least.
I wonder, is it not peculiar that she did feel the urge to somewhat excuse her existence because the impossible has happened in Hollywood. An average looking actress has landed a job.
And not to mention the weird remark that she has now according to herself become a role model for ordinary girls with average looks who fill the majority of our society.
She spoke like she recently joined the UN. I don't get it.
The backstage waif that interviewed her afterwards in the wings was rude to say the least.
Her verbal skills were minute but the underlying meaning sadly came clear: "Are you not surprised that you, being so ordinary (ugly) received an award"? And it just got worse.

Sascha Baron Cohen father of Borat shocked the audience with a “scrotunous” speech about his co star and the life support of fumigated air.
I did not find it particularly funny but the reaction to his words was hilarious. Outbursts of laughter, the kind of laughter that comes from the throats of children when someone burps or better, farts.
Cohen gave everyone an unexpected opportunity to let go of their inhibitions and become the beasts we all truly are.

People are truly more likable when they are truthful.
Actors should and need not be humble. They get the jobs because they are worth it, in most cases. (I´ll leave it at that)
There is a surprisingly fat change you’ll receive an award if you are a nominee. Golden Globe statistics show that out of five nominees, one surly will get the trophy.
Save the act of total surprise for a part that deserves it. Save the tears for rainy days.

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By V on January 16, 2007 at 05:02 pm
I totally agree with you. Perhaps the biggest issue however - that I found impossible to get past - was the fact that the level of self absorption was at such an all time high, no one found Martin Luther King Jnr day worth mentioning. How easily people forget. I suppose though, in a haze of hair product and spray tan one can lose sight of what's important.
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