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The Jaunting Bear...daring sequel to the epic masterpiece!!

by WinnerLoserBro (writer), brooklyn, February 16, 2010

Credit: Jake Jesse
jaunter loves his ma, it's not included in the text so it is here

You thought it was over! but in a way, the jaunting had only just begun.

The Jaunting Bear part deux

but then! a monster jumped out! and said 'grrrrrr…I'm a monster!'. the pacifist bear hunters grabbed their guns and shot it! the jaunting bear wasn't sure what to make of that because they had promised they'd be vegetarians so he jaunted over to the monster to see if it was okay!! the monster punched him in the face! but the jaunting jaunting jaunting jaunting bear was so tough from all the jaunting he'd been doing that when it punched him he went flying up as though almost to the stratosphere but really only one inch! the talking in unison bear hunters turned into smartypants physicists. they made a theorem about it…the monster turned out to just be a big silly that was making a mean noise….and they all live happ…but wait….another monster jumped out! but it wasn't a monster……it was a tornado! that wanted to rip the whole forest apart, so the pretend monster that was actually a nice animal jumped up and ate the tornado in one bite! and then they went to a forest amusement park with rides made out of nature!!! the talking in unison plaid cap wearing bear/hunters who were now pacifists except for when they shot the nice monster one time with their guns had fun because they could hold hands and jump on the trampoline the nice monster could make himself into! the jaunting bear had fun because the nice smartypants physicists had made up a theorem that would puzzle him for ages…but he figured it out in seven quick jaunts and jaunted over to the trampoline to see if the bear/hunter/pacifist/physicists were really having the most possible fun. they were actually doing physics math problems while jumping on the monster who could turn himself into a trampoline after eating a tornado and protecting his friends! the pond was feeling left out…so it said "I am a pond." and turned into a silly rain cloud over the trampoline and rained a nice warm rain on the jumping silly bear/hunter/vegetarian/pacifists. the jaunting bear jaunted over after figuring out the theorem and then he jumped up and down on the ground because he could have fun doing just that because he was so naturally tough from jaunting so much it was like his very feet were trampolines so he was able to have fun with his friends just as much!

the end.

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By WinnerLoserBro on February 21, 2010 at 01:31 pm


and then….a famous person jumped out…and gave him a faggoty order…he said "you don't even know how to jaunt right." the famous weirdo said "but it's my play. I'll tell you what to write." the jaunting bear jaunted right up to him and he turned into joe pesci….."are you a fricking jaunter now or somethin?" he said…and he turned into jake gyllenhall…the jaunting bear said "I'm partial to your performances..would you please inform your sister maggie she'd be rather good in this performance as well." Jake Gyllenhall said "You know something Jaunter….you're arite."

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