Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Worldwide Plague

Violence against females is a worldwide plague. It exists in every country but in different forms. It is discriminatory and it impedes the social sustainable development.

Every November 25 the world celebrates the International Day for eliminating violence against women. This day has been instituted in 1999 by the UN General Assembly in order to sensitise the public opinion on violations of women’s rights.

Such an initiative is necessary since in most cultures, women are not considered as true human beings; they are treated just like inferior beings or citizens of second class. The prejudices they undergo are heavy, strong and unbearable. For this reason, sexist violence in all its forms is a durable problem seeking a sustainable solution; this will open to developing a safe world for these individuals who are marginalised. Such inconsideration of females is not only found in developing countries, but it also exists in developed countries. This ascertains that violence against females is a world observable fact present in every society and every culture worldwide. In addition to this, it surely touches women without considering their social status, their age, fortune, country, race ethnicity, origin, status, etc.

Most violence done on women is supported in some cultures; therefore, they are neglected if not ignored by the society. Such cultural practices are a real reality that hinders the development of the woman and that of the society in general. No society can develop fully if females are left behind. True development is integral because it aims at the welfare of the entire society. Violation of the rights of women is the most worldwide spread scourge of human rights today.

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