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Apple iPad Revealed

Credit: Apple
The new Apple iPad

Steve Jobs, Apple's genius-in-chief, reveals the much awaited Apple iPad, but will it be as popular as the iPhone, who wants one and why?

I am a massive fan of Apple. I am writing on my Apple MacBook Pro and am connected to the web via Internet tethering on my iPhone. Apple seem to have a knack for inventing things that you never knew you needed until they showed them to you. A few years ago who could have predicted that one of their products, the iPod, would become so popular that entire waves of entertainment media would be created in the form of podcasts, a word which has found its way into everyday vocabulary as easily as googling?

With all of this in mind you may understand that I was more than a little bit excited about the much blogged about, rumour shrouded press conference given this week by Steve Jobs, Apple’s genius-in-chief. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely surprised by the look of the new device, I had suspected a large iPhone looking slab and that’s what we saw. What I was surprised at was that I ended up not really wanting one. I usually want any new gadget Apple churns out and the iPad certainly looks sleek and desirable. It has the ability to use iPad specific applications and games as well as those you can use on your iPhone. It has a multi-touch interface to manipulate the screen and any images or web pages. One version of the device comes with a built in 3G device to keep you permanently linked to the Internet.

Apple have even arranged a deal with top book publishers to create a iTunes-like online bookstore from which iPad users can download books to their device and read them on the go; a prettier and more versatile alternative to the Sony Reader. It looks to be a mid-way-point between an iPhone and a laptop and it is for this reason that I do not seem to have the enthusiasm for the iPad that I would expect. As I said, I have an iPhone and a laptop so it would appear that, for me, the iPad would be surplus to requirement. That said, only time will tell and I would not be entirely surprised to find myself in my local Mac store in a few months time, parting company with my hard earned cash after convincing myself that I really don’t now how I could have possibly survived so long without one. We shall see.

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By JJFCPA on February 01, 2010 at 07:58 am

Good analysis. I am with you about being an early buyer - or 1 at all. Too many other places that grab my money 1st. I do think that it will be a category killer. How big the category will grow to is anyone's guess, but I bet it will be big.

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By KaiserD on April 07, 2010 at 02:44 am

Wow! That’s amazing. I can now visualize a school with students having an Apple iPad each. But isn’t that too expensive for the students? Whew! Anyway, I did not get in line, or order over the net, or get a payday cash loan so I can get an Apple iPad, and I won't either for many reasons. I’ll be honest; I don’t wanted to spend my money for nothing. I have my netbook and laptop. That’s enough.

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