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Apple iPad: Changing Digital Art

by Jack Bates (writer), Alameda, January 29, 2010

The new Apple iPad, between a smart phone and a laptop.

Good technology gets out of the way of the flow of technology, like the first mp3 players. Great technology enhances that flow and allows you to customize it to fit your needs.

I pick the new Apple iPad, not because of what it does but how it does it. The iPad does everything an iphone does and most of what a laptop does. This thing is more than a “gadget”. It is a new way to “flow” with your technology. I have a good friend that first introduced me to the “flow of technology”. What I learned is that good technology gets out of the way of that flow, like the first mp3 players. Great technology enhances that “flow” and allows you to customize it to fit your needs, like the first iPhone. Apple has lead in technology “flow” devices and software for years now, and they lead the way in to a new class of device.

Tablet Computing. The use of just our hands to manipulate everything. The simplicity of our access to data. For example, as an artist I would buy the Apple iPad for the Brushes Application, alone, at $499. Brushes is an application that is a streamlined digital illustrator that can be used just like Adobe Illustrator for your iPod Touch and iPhone.

Example of Brushes on the iPhone.

When I used Brushes this way I only had one gripe, “Man, I wish the screen was larger and I could zoom in closer.”

Example of Brushes on the iPad.

Obviously I wasn’t the only person with that desire. With the cost of a drawing tablet ranging from $200 – $3,000, $499 for a tablet that has an OS and Software that does all that and more is a fantastic savings. If illustrations from an iPod Touch can make it to the cover of The New Yorker three times in one year, then I shake with anticipation at the possibilities of Brushes on the Apple iPad!

This is only one application from a company of one person. Now you add access to over 100,000 applications in the iTunes AppStore and you start to glimpse the possibilities.

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4 comments on Apple iPad: Changing Digital Art

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By Jack Bates on January 31, 2010 at 10:20 am

To Pariuri:

I recommend you rewatch the Apple Key note. In the first 20 minutes Jobs defines what the iPad is and is not. For the features that you are looking for you should get the following by Job's own definition this is not a do everything device.

1. It has no multitasking - Get a laptop

2. It is not capable of replacing my smarphone - Keep your smart phone

3. No camera - get a smart phone or laptop or a camera

4. the ipad requres to have a MAC - not true. it has wifi built in and you can activate and use without a laptop or smart phone. If you happen to have itunes sharing from a Mac OR PC then you can access those libraries, if not then you can just use the iPad by itself.

5. it has a closed system - This is good and bad. Good news is that the tighter release management of a closed system keeps apps from crashing the device as often as a windows or linux based system. Bad, they may not have the flexibility you are looking for.

6. It has no GPS - get a smartphone with GPS or a laptop with a GPS

7. connectiviy is limited, you ned to pay more money to improve it - Same goes for your smart phone an laptop. if you want a $500 laptop it won't have 3G and if you want a free smartphone it won't have wifi, etc.

This device is not meant to replace anything. It is meant to augment your digital life as they are trying to create a new technological market space. Only time will tell if they succeed. The fact that they got the entry price to that of a Sony eReader gives them a good start. Their main competitors are the Sony eReader and the Amazon Kindle, not your Android or Dell laptop.

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By felipearango on April 20, 2010 at 06:39 am

Here is an example of how it transformed digital artist Claudio Arango, and how it can transform and art exhibition, and art in general.

First art exhibit on an iPad. Art goes to the street. -

Article on Gizmodo -

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By Jack Bates on April 23, 2010 at 06:35 pm


Thanks for the comment and the links! The youtube video is really amazing to watch the reactions of the public. That is exatly what I was getting at, too. You comment is right on point. This will change things, art is just one place, in ways that Steve Jobs doesn't even see coming. Although you know he is ready to pounce on the profits from those changes as soon as they happen!

As a side note, what a great place to live where an artist can show the human form on the street like that and have people enjoy and appreciate it. Fantastic!

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By Jack Bates on September 16, 2010 at 04:12 pm

tell me about it! I get direct mail here like that too!

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