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Doomsayers Gone Wild

by Lady D (writer), Perris, Ca, January 20, 2010

Just pointing how the promotion of the negative is not the best way to help life here on earth.

It is already starting, we have had two large quakes in the past week and the doomsayers are at it. Apocalypse frenzy is being spread. Well of course there is going to be something with all the negative energy we have been putting out. Or maybe earth is really an Etch-A- Sketch, and it just wants to make a new picture.

Whatever the scenario, we are in it as long as we are, and yes we will all die, at some point. It is our job, get born, make a life story and die. Been this way since the beginning (whenever that was) of time.

Time now there is a strange concept. And no I can’t explain it, except to say there is no such thing and we made it all up. At least that is my perception.

Oh yeah, back to our Apocalyptical demise. Yes this could be true (gee I wish I knew the Dino’s were thinking, oh yeah Run and that didn’t work out so well) so what are we to do? We can’t all move to Scranton.

Really here is my take on it. When your time tape is up, your time tape is up. I got that from an episode of “Lost in Space.” We get our wisdom from the strangest places.

And those of you think that you’re going with Jesus or hang out with seven virgins or any of the religious case scenarios. To quote Margaret Cho, “Shouldn’t you be packing?”

And for all the Eco folks well you’re just too slow , the earth is saving its self. And since it has been around for millions of years and we only in the thousands and get to live less than a hundred. Unless you live in the Andes where there are no birth records or some Romanian village and have a vampire linage.

And then there are all those wacky politicians and mega money group. I hope you had fun getting all that stuff cause well I don’t think your theory “ those with the most toys wins,” is a good one. Even if it was a popular bumper sticker.

And yes I think my Etch- A -Sketch theory is a good one.

So doomsayers quiet down, some of us would like the time we have left to live in peace till the end. I know you all think you’re helping. So you go pack and I will hang out at the beach and drink beer. Frankly I am grateful for the time (yes the thing that doesn’t really exist) now, for it is all that actually exists.

Reality is what we choose to see. We made it all up anyway.

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By JJFCPA on January 20, 2010 at 01:35 pm

Thoughtful and well stated.

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By Lady D on January 22, 2010 at 10:59 pm

Thanks all. I am just working on seeing beyond what we presume to be reality.

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