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Unlucky Nicole Richie Calls In A Shaman

by Matt Hilton (writer), Buckhannon, January 07, 2007


Nicole Richie recently hired the services of a shaman to get rid of her bad luck.
Richie has told her friends that the string of bad luck, including her recent DUI, all came about after someone in her social circle put a hex on her.

Nicole paid $1,000 for a witch doctor to cleanse her home in Hollywood, and rid the spell on December 15th, as stated by Life & Style Magazine.

An insider tells the publication that a shaman chanted, danced and burned sage in every room of the star's home for two hours!

Nicole's run in with bad luck in 2006 includes her break up with fiance Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein, a rumored eating disorder that landed her in a treatment center, losing an important ring, a DUI charge, and the horror of learning her beloved cat had broken its leg after plunging 10 floors from the balcony of her apartment.

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