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Philly Cult Sacrifices Animals

Santeria Religious Sect Sacrificed 500 Animals in Philadelphia Home

Animal rescue workers were first called to a Philadelphia home to check in on two emaciated dogs. But things got really weird after they obtained a search warrant to examine the home. That's when they found the remains of an estimated 500 animals...

The home was littered with the bones and carcasses of chickens, sheep, goats and perhaps even monkeys. Police also found an AK-47, dozens of knives and an altar with candles.

The home's owner hasn't been seen in months, and is believed to be in Mexico. Neighbors said another woman had been living there until recently. They're believed to be practitioners of Santeria, a voodoo-like religion common to Latin America. And their mass burial site may not even be a crime.

Under a Supreme Court ruling in 1993 (Click to Read) animal sacrifices are legal if they're part of a religious act. The homeowner can only be prosecuted if the animals weren't killed humanely.

What is wrong with our Supreme Court?? Animal Sacrifices are Legal?? God created animals before man, doesn't that say something about Gods love for animals too?? When Christ died He was the Last Sacrifice and only Sacrifice needed. These people need to rethink their religion. What do You think??

I think we need to send a message to our Political leaders reminding them that this is wrong and that the people involved in this Cult need to be prosecuted.

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By Lady D on January 08, 2010 at 07:34 pm

Unless your a vegitarian (which I am not) animals are sacrificed daily. I think sacrifice for religious reasons is crazy.

Many religions sacrifice humans and animals in thier religious wars. I wonder why the animals in the Bagdad Zoo were sacrificed (if not killed during the war, they were left to starve) just don't think you can pick on one religion.

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