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The Good, The Bad, Women and Wal-Mart

by RLSegarra (writer), Los Angeles, January 09, 2007

Wal-mart is a corporate bloodsucking giant that pays slave wages, signs their associates up for welfare and food stamps, offers no benefits, goes out of the country to purchase merchandise cheaper leaving more Americans out of jobs and lowers standards everywhere it goes. The I hate Wal-Mart side.

Wal- Mart is a family company with family values that cares about its associates, offers great benefits and a warm and welcome work place. It offers career oportunities for anyone regardless of race, sex, or religion. Wal-Mart cares about its associates and customers. The I love Wal-Mart side.

The reality of Wal-Mart is the fact it IS a corporate giant bringing in billions of dollars that cares mainly about bringing in billions of dollars more. It uses propaganda to placate and in a way brainwash associates into believing that it is "just a good ole family store" It is a business that starts its associates at above minimum wage and it is comparable to other retail stores in what it pays though in some communities it is lower. It offers benefits, medical and dental that is again , comparable to other companies and better than others. It does offer job opportunities to its associates and does make an effort to buy and support made in America products.

The truth about Wal-Mart is that in its bigness it has become a mirror of the world it thrives in. Though it offers job opportunities to both men and women, women are still way behind in what the man will make. There is still the undercurrent of racism and predjudice that threads it way through the fibers of the stores . Wal-Mart employees a huge amount of single parents, mostly women as head of the household, trying to make ends meet. The truth of Wal-Mart is that a man and women walking into this company, same experience, same knowledge, the man will start out at more money. I know a female associate in Wal-Mart who has worked for the company for 15 years and can point out two men in her store who have worked less than 1/2 the years she has put in and have not held positions equal or above hers and these men are making more money than she is. Men are moved up the ladder faster than women. They have capped it associates wages and in doing this of course you have capped alot of men higher than any women will get the chance to ever make. They talk of an open door policy that does not exist because there still are these good ole boys in positions they should not be in, doing things they should not be doing. It is still hard to find American made products in Wal-Mart and in keeping prices low it keeps its payroll low, wich keeps its wages low.

If Wal-Mart is bad, it is as bad as we allow it. If we want it to change we have to change first. White male patriarchal society, the pyramid, rich white man on top, women and children of color on the bottom. Bad and good, right and wrong, we look at it and point fingers and it shakes us to the core when we look and see the finger pointing back at us.

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By Steven Lane on January 09, 2007 at 02:05 am
I watched the critically acclaimed documentary, WAL-MART: THE HIGH COST OF LOW PRICES, a few months ago. I will never ever step inside one of those stores again in my life. I even asked my daughter to return a Christmas present she bought there. WAL-MART CORPORATE is a soulless masquerade of a family business. They have no conscience and are an absolute pariah on an international scale. I very seldom vent, but, steam blows from my ears like a tea kettle on this subject. I strongly suggest that before you form any opinion, Take a look at the documentary. It will "challenge the way you think, feel and" They should be ashamed.
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By Edward on May 10, 2008 at 05:37 pm

It will be a cold day in hell before I set foot in a Wal-Mart.

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