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An Open Letter to Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE)

by D. E. Carson (writer), , December 21, 2009

I cannot claim authorship for this letter. That right belongs to a friend of mine from whom I obtained permission to reprint it here.

Sie, geehrter Herr, sind ein Heuchler!

Those, Senator, are the words of my great grandfather who legally immigrated to this country from Germany and, with his uncle worked on a farm in your home state of Nebraska to pay to bring the rest of his family here. So I feel compelled to speak to you in my great-grandfather’s native language because he came to America looking for a chance to make a better life for himself.

In English those words say, “You, sir, are a hypocrite!”

You publicly stated your opposition to the Senate’s Health Care bill on the grounds that you did not like the language it used in terms of the use of federal money for elective abortions. You stood on those words like a man of principle and conviction. But as soon as Harry Reid began waving money in your face for earmarks to be handed out to Nebraska, you ran to him like a hog to a trough at feeding time. Your meretriciousness was suddenly laid open for all to see. You have no principles.

You, sir are a hypocrite.

You have shown your true colors. You are merely a “yes” man to Harry Reid. You have no principles of your own. You haven’t the convictions of a man of honor. You vacillate like seaweed bending in whichever direction the ocean current happens to be moving. You are a poltroon when it comes to the opinions of your partners in crime in Washington and the loss of campaign money and you fear the loss of them more than you fear the loss of the votes of your constituents.

You, sir, are a hypocrite.

You bow at the altar of the almighty dollar hoping that by selling your vote to support a bill that will inevitably kill the United States as we know it, you will score popularity points with “the folks back home.” You haven’t been listening to the folks back home, Senator Nelson. The folks back home don’t want Harry Reid’s damned health care plan. They want to be listened to by their elected representatives in BOTH houses of Congress and so far, when it comes to those who happen to be standing on your side of the aisle, their voices have fallen on deaf ears. Ears deafened by contempt and superciliousness for those who gave you that seat, Senator. Do not forget, Senator, when it comes to those seats in that chamber, the people giveth and the people taketh away!

You, sir, are a hypocrite.

You are unworthy of the title of United States Senator. The job you hold is a position of honor and you, sir, have soiled that position with a foul stench palpable to even the lowest of life forms. You have disgraced your position, yourself and your state with your fickle loyalties. You harbor the kind of hubris that cannot see the irreparable damage your mendaciousness has caused. You have moved America one step closer to socialism and the end of our free nation as we know it. When it is all over, perhaps then you will begin to understand why, Senator, I say:

You, sir, are a hypocrite.

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