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Finding a Stranger

by taking off the mask (writer), Los Angeles, December 08, 2009

internet safety

internet safety

It started as a prank
just a silly girl
looking for fun
but than he found her
or maybe she found him
either way
it was wrong
he would IM her
she would message him back
she did all this
behind her parents back
it was late
she lost track of the time
she was too busy trying to understand
his latest pick up line
he asked her
if she was a virgin
she said yes
he asked to be her first
she didn't know what to say
because no one else ever treated her this way
he seemed so sweet
so sincere
nothing like the guys she lived near
she said she wasn't sure
and he asked if they could meet
she said her parents will be out of town next week
so they set up a time
a quarter to two
she was 15
he was 32
but as far as she knew
he was 16
turning 17 in June
she had no idea
this selfish man
was about to ruin her life
as the clock ticked away
she finished her makeup
stuffed her bra
held onto her stuffed animal
till she heard the bell
she ran down the stairs
skipping every other
than she opened the door
to a complete stranger
all hell broke loose
as he chased her into her room
she tried to get away
but there was just no way
she was pushed to the floor
hands held down
as he made his way down
her untouched body
ready to take something that wasn't his
he promised her it wouldn't hurt
she let out a scream
out of pain
and an unending dream
he covered her mouth with his flannel shirt
as he continued to do his dirt
she lost something special that day
something she will never regain
he stole it from her
and it all was because of her stupid game

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By alan handwerger on December 08, 2009 at 12:28 pm


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By Enrico on December 10, 2009 at 04:23 am

i can say that you have a strong imagination..

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