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I Spent a Fortune on Toys and THAT'S What You Play With!?

by Innocent Owner (writer), Costa Mesa, Ca, December 04, 2009

Credit: Photo by Michael Kaser

Let’s face it, as cat owners, we spent a fortune on our feline friends. Our cats have more toys and gadgets than Batman. We get them scratching posts, beds, treats and toys...

It started one day at the grocery store. Going down the pet aisle I noticed a package of little plastic balls with bells in them. I threw it in the cart on a whim. The cats will love these, I thought to myself. They lasted two days. The cats batted them around for a few minutes the first day and then got bored with them. They lied lifeless on the floor, abandoned, till the next day when I accidently stepped on everyone one them trying to cross the room in the dark.

So, I tried again. I went out and got them little stuffed fishes with catnip. Surely they would love this. And they did. I came home from work the next evening and found my house looking like a murder scene, little bits of fishes from one end to the other. Cat nip is now banned from my house.

Determined to find a toy they loved, I tried feathers on a stick. My arm got tired from waving it around. In sheer exhaustion, I laid the feather on a stick down; my cat came over and ate the feather.

Now on a mission to find a toy my cats would play with, I purchased a cool little fishing pole with a fish dangling from it. I casted it out and the cats went crazy chasing it. I was ecstatic, they loved it. Out flew the fish in an arc, landing on the carpet, out flew the cats in a straight line after it. I was in heaven. With a big toothy grin on my face, I began reeling in the fish, the string wiggling across the carpet. Half way back, one of the cats, the fat one specifically, sat on the fish stopping me from reeling it in then proceeded to eat through the string thus destroying the toy. On top of that, another fish murder happened right after. Fish are now banned from my house.

I stomped out the door and headed off to the pet store once again. I found a heavy duty cat scratcher you hang from the door knob and purchased it. I got home and hung it on the door. Nobody noticed it. The next day, on my way out I noticed the scratcher looked a little different as I approached it. I looked closer. Someone pee’d on it. Wasn’t me.

For weeks this went on. One day one of the cats came sauntering into the living room, passed the large, stuffed to the brim toy box of his, and started going crazy batting and flipping this little thing around. I had spent a fortune on toys and my cat plays with the little pull tab off of a gallon of milk.

Through out the years I have discovered that cats will play with three things forever. None of them cost a dime. Old shoe strings, wadded up paper and the pull tab off of a gallon of milk. So once a month, I throw an old shoe lace on the floor, wad up some flyer I got in the mail and drop a pull tab on the carpet for them to play with and then I go dust the cobwebs off their old toys.

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By Blogger_babe32 on December 06, 2009 at 08:07 pm

The best one is toilet paper. But I don't suggest that one unless you are willing to clean it all up.

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