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Interview: Author Bernadine Feagins

Debut children's author Bernadine Feagins shares why she wrote Hakim and Terrance Shadow Mystery.

I've gotten to know debut author Bernadine Feagins for the past month or so as we've talked about her first children's book, Hakim and Terrance Shadow Mystery. I asked Bernadine to share with our readers why she decided to write this book and who inspired it. Here is what the book is about:

Best friends Hakim and Terrance set out on an adventure to find Terrance’s lost dog. The amazing journey is a tribute to devoted friendship, hope and dedication to Shadow, the dog they truly love.

"I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, second from the youngest of sixteen children. My parents are still together after fifty years, which seems to be more unusual as time goes on. While I always enjoyed writing, I started writing more and more after my first child, a beautiful baby girl was born.

"For many years I dreamed of writing my own book to entertain and educate children. I had a friend who was always so angry at life, so one day I decided to buy him a book on self-worth. He was very educated but didn’t read many books. After a couple of weeks I noticed a change in his behavior and thinking. I knew at that moment that good reading material with helpful life tips was the answer for him. If reading could help a grown man grow, imagine what reading would do for a child. At that moment, I was inspired to write Hakim and Terrance Shadow Mystery.

"My son and nephew are young and very impressionable. I wanted to reach them. The grade level, I was focusing on was second grade to ninth grade, a large gap, but I thought I could do it while encouraging and empowering independent reading and extending positive influences. This book would reinforce loyalty, respect and togetherness.

"I wanted to pass my life experiences down to my readers by writing non-fiction and fiction books and mentoring kids through stories. I wanted the illustration to be lighthearted images and for the book to have meaning and show children the importance of animals and friendship.

"With Hakim and Terrance Shadow Mystery I want to encourage children to read more by giving the kids material that will arouse their interest. One of the most compelling reasons for me to write this book was to take responsibility in passing down stories that leave a legacy of good reading material while encouraging a strong sense of self-esteem through life learning lessons.

Hakim and Terrance Shadow Mystery is my first story for children with good characters that introduce youngsters to interracial friendship and show them a love for animals and an appreciation for good values. This book has perfectly pitched clues and cleverness to show children mystery and the power of togetherness."

Bernadine Feagins is a new author who is looking forward to many years of writing children’s books. She has always loved children and worked many years in early childhood development. During those times she witnessed the joy children felt as she would demonstratively read books. In addition she is a very active mom who loves to nurture not only her children, but those of family and community. She is an avid reader to those she loves and has cared for.

She developed story telling skills through the numerous books she read to children. This gave her an inspiration to tell her own story. Hakim and Terrance Shadow Mystery is the result. Bernadine is available for interviews, book signings or public readings. She can be contacted at

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