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Dubai's Shame Lies in Gaza

by Dan Ehrlich (writer), London/L.A./Seattle, November 28, 2009

$60-Billion Debt Wasn't from Palestinian Aid.

The $60 billion financial crisis in Dubai, the less than full mammoth hotels, golf courses and indoor ski slopes, are glaring examples of a needless waste of cash that could have gone to aid and resettle Palestinian refugees. Yet, this isn’t new to the Palestinians who have been penned up in camps since 1948, either unwilling or unable to resettle elsewhere.

The Vatican claim that Gaza has become a concentration camp isn’t so far from the truth. Yet, this isn’t the fault of the Israelis so much as it is by design of the Arab nations, Dubai being one of them.

This is a conflict that defies western logic, which is probably why it’s so difficult for westerners to understand. Where else in the world are a people, the Palestinians, dependent on another people, the Israelis, for their very existence, yet deny the existence of their would-be benefactors to the point of approving an endless war against them?

Where else would such a people endure endless lip service from their brothers, some of whom have the world’s highest per capita income, yet receive little else from these oil rich countries

Gaza residents, as Arabs of mainly Egyptian descent, should have the right to settle in other Arab lands. But, they aren’t allowed this luxury by their fellow Arabs. In fact, by Arab League edict, prodded by those loveable Saudis, Palestinians are actually denied citizenship in other Arab countries. Even a Jew might find it easier gaining Moroccan citizenship than a Palestinian Arab. The logic is simple: If Palestinians are integrated into the wider Arab world they will forget about the war against the Zionist enemy.

Now couple this with the fact Gaza has the highest birth rate in the region, and you can see where it might resemble a concentration camp.

But this is just part of the story. Most Arab nations have been critical of the Iraq War. Yet, Here the oil rich Gulf Emirates have been, along with China, buying up billions of dollars of American debt created by this war, a war that was pursued on the allegation that weapons of mass destruction were ready to attack the West. This folly has cost the lives of up to 150,000 Iraqi civilians.

In fact, the only Arab missiles attacking anyone before the Iraq invasion had been crude rockets aimed at Israel by Palestinian militants. And the reason they have been firing those rockets, causing massive Israeli retaliation is because Gulf States, such as Dubai, which can spend billions on super lavish hotel projects, won’t do the same for their brothers penned up in hellholes such as Gaza.

Of course, the Arab rationale is very simple: We didn’t create this problem; the Jews did, so it’s got nothing to do with us mate. On the other hand, when several hundred thousand Jews were kicked out of Arab countries after 1948, Israel didn’t hesitate in taking in their brothers. In fact, Israel has let no geographic barrier stop it from attempting to rescue fellow travelers, such as the Jews of Ethiopia.

Gaza was never intended to be a catchment area for refugees and the camps in Lebanon were only supposed to be temporary shelters until the Arab nations drove the Jews into the sea and proclaimed pax Arabia. That hasn’t happened. What has happened has been relatively small sums of money given to some refugees

And its strange how after Israel captured the Gaza Strip during the 1967 war, Egypt never asked for it to be returned. They asked for and were given back their land in the desolate Sinai Desert, but they didn’t want to care for refugees, mainly of Egyptian descent, in Gaza

Having millions of their poverty stricken devoutly religious brothers penned up and breeding in greater numbers serves the Arab nations well. They can confront Israel without firing a shot or risking another major conflict.

They can watch how their wretched brothers goad and attack the Israelis from their shantytowns. Then they can get in on the media war of condemnation for the Israeli reaction. And what makes it almost perfect is that the Palestinians, no matter how much they are used and abused by their own people, remain loyal and steadfast to their tribe and religion, venting all their hatred on Israel. That’s because they know the day will come when they will fulfil the original 1948 promise to destroy the infidel.

In a world where living space has become a premium, most of the Middle East is still under populated, except for the Lebanon, Israel and Gaza. Beach front property, even here, is in great demand. The idea that a small, yet heavily populated county such as Israel should make territorial concessions is absurd given the amount of Arab land and money available to help the Palestinians…help that has never been seriously offered to people supposedly living in temporary accommodation.

On the other hand, the subject of Jewish refugees from Arab lands is seldom mentioned. Will Arab countries welcome back those they booted out of their homes? Yet, why would these people and their children want to return to Iraq, for example? Yet, the arguments about this conflict are too lengthy and convoluted to go into them here.

But, before all this peace must be declared. And it has to come from the Arab side. They are the people who have pursued seemingly endless counter-productive conflict with Israel. Dubai, as an example, a city-state that has banned the showing of the Oscar winning film “Schindler’s List, has built a loss making tourist paradise geared to western tastes. Yet, its closest western population can’t spend money vacationing there because they are technically at war with Israel. This is just plain stupid!

The Palestinians need Israel. Israel doesn’t want the Palestinians. The Gazans can’t have it both ways, an end to the blockade, normal relations, food, fuel and peace, yet back a government committed to fighting their benefactors. And, any real peace must be a simple agreement, not as in the past, dependent on conditions such as refugees and the status of Jerusalem. All future conflict must be waged over a negotiation table not on in the streets of Gaza.

Still, this may be to big a leap for a mainly peasant people raised on the idea of an eventually heaven sent military solution to their misery. Say, this sounds almost like a biblical story when the Jews were fighting the Romans and had to settle for a carpenter instead of an army general who would send the Romans packing.

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