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Dr. Mark Scholz is a Man on a Mission

by Josh Marks (writer), Washington, D.C., January 07, 2007


As the Medical Director of Prostate Oncology Specialists in Marina Del Rey, Dr. Mark Scholz is an outspoken advocate of a comprehensive approach to managing prostate cancer. He has seen a disturbing trend in the medical community concerning the overdiagnosis of prostate cancer, which kills 30,000 American males annually out of 220,000 who are diagnosed.

“The problem is the one size fits all mentality. We want one solution for a complex problem,” said Dr. Scholz. “Clearly we are overdiagnosing a lot of prostate cancer and there has been a lot of unnecessary grief and harm because the treatments are unpleasant.”

While underdiagnosis is a problem for the two percent of males that have an aggressive form of the cancer, many doctors aren’t making the distinction between latent and malignant forms of prostate cancer. According to Dr. Sholz, the system is set up to make no distinctions and to treat everybody. The consequences of surgery for a microscopic spec of slow growing cancer found through a biopsy can be impotence.

According to their website, the goal of Prostate Oncology Specialists is to research and utilize new medical breakthroughs as well as select and implement therapy based on each individual situation in order to recommend the most effective and minimally invasive treatment.

“The solution is to do prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing, including density and velocity, and then after careful consideration based on those factors, selectively biopsy some people,” said Dr. Scholz.

While new types of milder, less toxic treatments such as Casodex are proving to be effective in the fight against prostate cancer, Dr. Scholz predicts within 5 to 10 years we will see a nontoxic treatment in which you can squirt a little injection in the Prostate and it will kill the cancer cells, similar to the way skin cancer is treated today.

Through new technology, such as fusion imaging, which combines ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Dr. Scholz and his team of physicians offer an alternative to the traditional and toxic forms of treatment – surgery and radiation.

“This year, more than 25,000 Californians will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. That’s enough to fill the Kodak Theater seven times over,” said Leslie D. Michelson, CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation in Santa Monica. “These men and their families are in a race against time to find better treatments and a cure.”

For more information or to make an appointment for a consultation, contact Prostate Oncology Specialists at (310) 827-7707 or More information about prostate cancer research and treatments can be found on the Prostate Cancer Foundation website at

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