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Why E-books are here to stay

by Kaycee (writer), Memphis Region, November 22, 2009

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Think the ebook revolution is a fluke? Think again.

Ebooks and why they are here to stay

What is an e-reader? According to Wikipedia,

An e-book device, sometimes also called an e-book reader, is a device used to display e-books. It may be a device specifically designed for that purpose, or one intended for other purposes as well. The term is restricted to hardware devices, not software programs. The main advantages of these devices are: comfortable reading, perfect under sunlight, weeks of battery life and lightness.

Available e-Book Formats

Adobe Acrobat, eReader, Palm Doc, Rocket/REB1100, Microsoft Reader, PocketPC 1.0+ Compatible, Franklin eBookMan, hiebook, Sony Reader, iSilo, Mobipocket, Kindle Compatible , OEBFF Format

I got this list from Fictionwise, and feel like it is still growing. Who would have ever believed back in 1989 that we would be reading from handheld devices or off our computers? How very space-age! All the SF writers and readers out there are going to blast me for this, aren’t they? Well, sorry y’all. I am technologically challenged. This is new stuff to me!

And today’s digital world is still evolving. Who knows where it will all end?

In my research for information about these fabulous gadgets, I found many advocates because they are “green” and many because they allow you to have large libraries at your disposal no matter where you go.

Some people are still resisting this whole notion though. They are afraid of being digitally inept. They have questions and concerns, and the cost is always a factor. (Most e-Readers retail for less than $399)

But why does reading from a handheld device, have to be so scary?

I hope you are encouraged to at least go out and investigate the new technology. I know I have been. I found this site, and spent many hours there – just reading stuff. If you plan on making this sort of purchase, please visit this site!

As to the cost of one, to me, handheld devices are beginning to go the route of the movie industry. Remember how expensive VCRs were? They started out being really expensive, but then demand kicked up a notch and the prices began to fall. I sure hope this Christmas season the e-reader prices are so friendly that everyone I know goes out and purchases one.

Yes, that is a selfish desire. My book is out in electronic form, so I base my statement on that fact. You can download Avenging Angel at and I do hope you will. 

Still not convinced you need a device to read from? I understand.

Most of us have been reading from our computers for years. I think the news industry has suffered the most from this ‘fear factor’ as it is easier than ever to get all the news you need from online venues. We do not need to flip on that unit my mother always called the “boob tube”.

But as anyone will tell you, sitting in front of a computer long periods of time can be painful for the neck, back, and eyes. Something a little smaller, that can be snuggled up to in bed would be a bit more preferable, right? Right. So make your wishlist now.

Here are a few links where you can find the biggest sellers, the Sony and Kindle.


Kindle E-reader info page

Sony E-reader info page

Oh, and that very first purchase for your shiny new gadget, that very first e-book? You did remember my publisher’s link, right?

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By Lady D on November 22, 2009 at 07:28 pm

Well with the way technology is racing forward, ebook readers are already out of date.

Holographic, nano and vocal recognition technology will soon be hitting stores near you.

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