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Parliament of the World's Religions ( Melbourne 2009)

Credit: UBIEE Green NATION
Melbourne Australia 2009 World’s Religion Parliament.

UBIEE Presents IMAKEPEACE for the world, religions parliament 2009 Melbourne Australia. There have been several meetings referred to as Parliament of the World’s Religions, most notably the World's Pa

Here Comes UBIEE for 2009 World’s Religion Parliament.

The participation of UBIEE in 2009 World’s Religion Parliament is,
very Special for the humanity as the world is going to see, something,
they have never been seen before. 

UBIEE the global leader in Environmental Education,

has been working for many years to save our planet Earth,
from Global Warming and its commitment for a cleaner air,
leaves no words to describe contribution to the great cause,
for humanity and the other spices habituating our Planet Earth.

The FUTURO-Plan, will be the highlight for the the 2009 World’s Religion Parliament. 

This is a very unique solution for the mankind.

The FUTURO formula for the world to see
and adopt will prove a milestone in the human history and 
the World’s Religion Parliament.
History is in the making. 

The brains behind this amazing solution for mankind is no other than,
our most adored and loved Dr Michael,
who has been working round the clock to do what ever he can do,
with his resources and the power of UBIEE,
that is made up of some great committed leaders,
fighting for the cause of a Green Earth and end to Poverty. 
We ask for support from all people, organizations, 
to support UBIEE in its endeavors for the FUTURO-Plan
and world peace, by contributing to the cause of world peace

UBIEE is going to Melbourne Australia to present IMAKEPEACE.

The Parliament of Religions EVENT in Melbourne with,

From December the 3rd to the 9th, 2009, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
We invite everyone to support us, and become as part of your support Contribution
and secure an exclusive and special Promotion, as we are in Melbourne.
We need your help and ask for your understanding that we contact you
and share our next milestone with you. To make your Contribution reach us, please.
To Support us in our Cause, Join us at Stand 55.

I personally will be there all days. I believe that this will be a great event.

You may contact me for more information.

Skype ID : aussiekeith56.

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4 comments on Parliament of the World's Religions ( Melbourne 2009)

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By Gary Wells on November 17, 2009 at 11:15 pm

Hi Keith

Yes UBIEE is going to Melbourne to show others the FUTURO-PLAN to Help the Children and Families of our World and You will be there Keith and I pat you on the back for a Job Well Done, Thanks for being a part of UBIEE and Caring about Others.

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By Theresa H Hall on November 18, 2009 at 12:22 am

This event sounds like a good idea. The world needs help and donations to assist in feeding those who are hungry. 

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By aussiekeith on November 19, 2009 at 04:43 pm

Yes and with the, FUTURO-Plan there is certainly a way to show the world, that children can be feed from the day of birth. It will be great to be there not just for the fact, I will be at Stand 55, but also be able to met people from all over the world, many different cultures and faiths.

Unity is what we need to solve the issues that face our Mother Earth, people, animals and environmental issues etc. 

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