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The Debate is OVER!

by D. E. Carson (writer), , December 22, 2006

After years of fighting, bickering, betting, screaming, crying and howling, the debate is finally over. There will no longer be any need for anyone to distort the truth. Liberals and conservatives alike can put their differences on the subject to rest. Once the evidence has been publicized, even Al Gore will have to concede that this debate must end and that all discussions will have to be put to bed.

What in the hell are you babbling about?

This is the single most important debate of our lifetime and it has to be stopped. The lie has to be debunked and the truth must be exposed. The lie can no longer be allowed to propagate. It ends here and now!

I have researched this question to the nth degree and have finally found the evidence for which I have searched. Ever since I first heard the lie, I knew that I had found my quest. I have found my holy grail and I am now ready to present it to you. I hope that you are ready for this piece of truth. I knew when I found it that many would continue to resist, claiming it to be a conservative conspiracy meant to discredit liberals everywhere. But, this goes beyond politics – it is a matter of international proportions. It can no longer be held secret, hidden away like some dark mystery. The light of truth is about to shine like a beacon through the darkness of lies and deceit. Believers of this truth will hail its confirmation like the Second Coming of Jesus. Disbelievers will rend their clothing in anguish over their foolishness. Many will cry out for forgiveness that they believed this lie. Others will turn away from the truth, denying the error of their ways and continue to propagate the lie, but they will only reveal their own foolishness and find themselves wallowing and writhing in sorrow as they are cast out like chaff from the grain.

Will you stop with the theatrics and get on with it already?

You must be ready for this truth. You cannot accept this truth half-heartedly. You must be willing to completely surrender yourself to this truth. Failure to fully embrace this truth is done at your own peril. You will have only yourself to blame for your loss.

This is the biggest thing since John Kerry shot himself in the foot in Pasadena when he called military personnel uneducated. This will dwarf the Iraq war – hell it will dwarf ANY war.

I am now going to reveal to you what I have found in my search…

It’s about damn time!

This truth, which has eluded so many for so long is now going to be revealed. Once it is revealed, I will not be held responsible for the consequences. I will assume no responsibility for peoples’ inability to accept the truth. I am not libel for any rioting in the streets or other civil insurrection resulting from this revelation. The truth, for which I have sought this past many years, is this: The name of the Seventh Reindeer is Donder, not Donner.

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