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War Hits Home

by Lady D (writer), Perris, Ca, November 17, 2009

Will humanity survive the hate and fear it has produced.

The shooting a Fort Hood is unfortunately not something new.

More of these scenes happen in combat situations, such as last May when Stg. John Russell allegedly grabbed an M-16 and shot 5 people at Camp Liberty in Bagdad.

Even after a “325 report” sighting multiple opportunities to avert this tragedy little has been done.

So now on an even more tragic level, it hits home. The pieces of this are still being put together so stating facts about this particular incident are useless.

However what these incidents have in common are some simple things.

War is not something left on the battlefield. Even though Maj. Nadil Malik Hasan had never been in combat, he was hearing and seeing the repercussions of it daily and was about to deploy.

Also if the rumors of him being bullied regarding his religion (he is Muslim) are true, how could he ever feel safe in a combat situation. It seems the military learned nothing from the Columbine tragedy.

Unfortunately he is not an aberration and since the military is built on the idea that the “ Other” is inferior and less than human. They must do this in order to be able to indoctrinate, killing without question. The military promotes the divisiveness of sex, race, religion to keep fear and hate for the killing field, which is coming to roost in our own backyard.

This was a large scale incident that has gotten our attention. However there are many soldiers who create mayhem, murder that go virtually unreported because the military can close ranks. It seems you can take the man away from war, but you can’t take the war away from man. It is easier to program to hate and kill than to unprogram.

This is even a more confusing incident as Maj. Hasan was in the psychiatric profession. We know how the profession has been used in Iraq (Aragrub) and Guantanamo to torture prisoners. Which could make anyone in the profession a little conflicted, in that as it is billed as a profession that is meant to help others with mental problems not provoke more.

Much of what happened will never see the light of day. However I am doubtful this will be the last incident of this kind.

We have promoted a scenario of fear and hate around the world. And when I say we I don’t just mean America. The corporate greed is spreading and those interests must be protected, this is the mentality that is bringing humanity to a crossroads.

People are beginning to question what we are doing; unfortunately we at this point are not knowledgeable of how to change direction. So as Maj. Hasan did we lash out with the violence we are taught. Or worse become smiling depressives on the pharmaceuticals or mind numbing entertainment that is being so well marketed to keep us from becoming a person who thinks for themselves.

We are on the edge of a changing time. Leave all the labels off Maj. Hasan and he is just another stressed out human. Many of us feel like the reality as we knew it is slowly crumbling and we as yet can’t see what can come from this rubble. Those who wish to rebuild the same old structures are seeing that they are no longer viable and yet we have not broken through the old thought patterns to see a new way.

There is so much we do not know about where we are going as a species. I was watching a PBS Special on the Hubble telescope and they had pointed it into a part of space that seemed to have nothing and what they found were a least a billion more galaxies.

So when you begin getting all freaked out about what is going on, realize we live on a speck and are a speck on that speck. So if we can encompass that perspective and see just how big life is and just how much we don’t know, maybe we can ease some tension

Now if we could just get that “Do unto others…” thing right.

NO, it is not “Do unto others and then split.”

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” See how that takes on a whole new meaning.

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