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Using Social Media to Remember, Honor Veterans

by jaybetee (writer), San Antonio, TX, November 11, 2009


November 11 is Veterans Day a day to remember the soldiers who gave their lives to protect our freedoms and to honor their memory. Recently, our remembrance has moved online.

November 11th is known by different names all across the globe. To some it is known as Veterans Day; others call it Armistice Day or Remembrance Day. No matter what you call it, November 11 is a day to remember the soldiers who gave their lives to protect our freedoms and to honor their memory.

Throughout modern history this day has been marked by parades, memorial services, speeches and other events that express the respect we have for our fallen heroes. Recently, with the coming of blogs and other social media platforms, our remembrance has also moved online. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook are allowing users to share their thoughts about the holiday and details about their activities with friends and followers. This gives us great insight into how people feel about this holiday and what they do to remember those who have sacrificed their lives for the greater good.

JoeMasiero tweeted "Thank you to all the veterans who have served and all those still serving our country." MissBonatide says "Thank you to all the veterans who have served and all those still serving our country." Mstigall shared this, "Do yourself a favor and personally thank at least one veteran and one current soldier today. They deserve it." Some even shared links showing what they are planning to do to sow their respect and urging other to join them. JazminAshlee wrote "I will be doing this ==>>\<<== You should too!" Her link takes you to a page on where you can find information on sending letters and care packages to currently deployed troops.

Bloggers are also very active on this day., a website dedicated to raising awareness about important issues by asking bloggers to write about a certain issue on a particular day, is holding an event today called Veterans Day: Who Will Stand. The event is aimed at raising awareness and funds for nonprofit groups that support U.S. Veterans. Event organizers also hope to promote "Who Will Stand," a documentary that explores the issues U.S. veterans face when dealing with the physical and psychological scars of battle.

The bloggers participating in the event share their individual views about Veterans Day and their personal experiences. Julia Kelly's post "From Flanders Field to Silent Tears: Bloggers Unite for Veterans" is a great overview piece that spotlights several BlogCatalog members who are writing about their military experiences. She tells us about people like Susan Blake, a mother writing about her son's deployment to Iraq, and Leanne Koscsis who created a resource called Military Avenue that provides information and connections for military families.

Bloggers Jane and Beth also share their thoughts on Veterans Day through their fictional characters Margie and Edna, two elderly sisters from the fictional town of Jericho, KS. Margie reflects on the recent memorial for the soldiers killed at Fort Hood. "I saw the spouses who have to go it alone now," she writes, "the parents who have suffered the loss of a child, the children who will miss growing up with one parent, and all the brothers, sisters, grandparents, cousins, and friends who mourn. I mourn with all of you and I am grateful for all those who serve our country now, then, and in the years to come."

The birth of social media has changed the way people connect with one another. When it comes to a holiday like Veterans Day, it gives people the opportunity to easily share their thoughts about the day, let people know about planned activities and make meaningful connections. It allows organizations to reach out to millions of people and let them know how they can support Veterans. And, it even gives those of us stuck behind a desk today the ability to contribute and honor the brave men and women who have so selflessly given their lives defending us.

Thanks you to all the brave soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending my freedom. To those of you who are currently deployed, thank you for your service. Stay safe and come home soon!

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6 comments on Using Social Media to Remember, Honor Veterans

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By Lady D on November 11, 2009 at 12:09 pm

If we really want to support the veterans we need to start telling the truth as to why we really sending them to fight. Not some Ozzie and Harriet truth.



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By collier1960 on November 11, 2009 at 12:19 pm

Thanks for a great article.

As the father of a soldier in Iraq, this veterans Day has taken on a deeper meaning. As a blogger, I must confess, I was caught off-guard. I'm determined now to use my blog to speak up for noble causes.

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By jaybetee on November 11, 2009 at 02:42 pm

Lady D, I agree and think that our troops should not be put in harms way without good reason. I also think that no matter why the powers that be send them into battle, these brave individuals deserve our support and respect. 

collier1960, it must be hard to have your son involved in a conflict on the other side of the world. My thoughts are with you and your son on this day and I hope you will tell him that we appreciate all he is doing for us.

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By Theresa H Hall on November 11, 2009 at 05:02 pm

Great post. I love our flag and the real things she stands for. I wrote a post on my blog today about the men in my family, none of them, who are veterans. We all need to help the families of these brave men and women. 

My parents met on Veteran's Day and married four months afterward. I always remember the people for whom this day is honoring.

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By Theresa H Hall on November 11, 2009 at 05:03 pm

TYPO:  Nine of my family members ... not none. Sorry!

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By JJFCPA on November 12, 2009 at 03:27 pm

An important day of observance and rememberance. As a Vietnam era youth, I was exposed to war but never was called to serve as my college years allowed me to elude it. Many of my classmates and frat brothers did serve. It became a very unpopular war, but they - men and women - served admirably. When they came home, the welcome and thanks was not evident everywhere and some felt real repudiation by the same citizens whom they fought for. Like today, the politicians were blamed for sending our men into an unjust and unwarranted war. I personally do not agree. In the U.S., we have the right to disagree and dissent - unlike in many countries where free speech is suppressed. This is a value and a principal that our troops fight to preserve - for us.

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