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Jazz at the A Frame -Tribute to Carol Ward

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, November 02, 2009


Gracious, Gorgeous & Gutsy - We remember a friend to Humanity and Jazz

The angels must be swinging fast and hard to Gabriel's trumpet along with Heaven's rhythm section above with Ms. Carol Ward smiling and in time with them. An audience of friends gathered on October 18th, 2009 to give honor to one of the kindest and coolest devotees to music - Carol Ward.

An ensemble of dedicated and brilliant musicians were on hand to share an accolade and the gift of Jazz and Blues which Carol so loved.

One of the most excellent and sensitive musicians on the planet that I know of Mr. Clayton Cameron on Drums

The immensely artistic and demonstrative Trevor Ware on Bass

An extremely satisfying and zealous Peter Smith - Piano

An the incomparable Choral Musicality Queen of the A-Frame Ms. Janis Mann - on Vocals

This ensemble shared a variety of perceptive pieces that I'm sure caused the angels, heavenly host, and Carol to smile down upon musicians, family, and friends.

The trio started with a Wayne Shorter composition - "Footprints that was wonderfully grooving. 

Horace Silver's "Nica's Dream" followed this with a glorious shout from Clayton Cameron on Drums that presented an incredible percussive arrangement and solo. All I have to say is..."Who needs Bongos, Clave, or the other percussion when you have the Emperor Sir Clayton.

Peter added a little Ritchie Blackmore's "Smoke on the Water" that was tantalizing and tingling.

A nice repertoire from the "Blues” a style of music Carol loved was performed. The "Blues" is a music that's unpolluted and real...washing away the crap and pretense of the daily grind of life was offered with sentiment.

Cameron, Trevor, and Peter pay acute attention to each other and interact in a wonderful way. They shared a linked a groove, a connection and wisdom that's all about life with its transitions, ups and downs, and even more.

Peter Smith on Piano engaged us in knowledge beyond his physical years. Trevor Ware on Bass - seasoned and complex let his instrument talk for him, often humming and singing a bit of harmony in tribute to the great lady - Carol Ward. A few quotes on his notes were shared in a call and response with Peter.

Cameron an Emperor of brushwork on Drums had his say in the usual affective and effective manner.

Janis Mann - Choral Queen in the Jazz House that Betty Hoover Built shared unforgettable tunes that stirred our hearts and souls together.

"Some of my best friends are the Blues",”My Foolish Heart", "Just in Time" were just some starters.

Jimmy Van Heusen's, love song "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" was performed in an exquisite manner with an innovative Bossa effect.

Janis was intuitive as always with the audience, making spirit and eye connection in all corners of the two-story space.

Artie Butler and Phyllis Molinary's hauntingly beautiful "Here's to Life" performed by Janis brought many of us to sweet tears in remembrance of our faithful friend.

The Choral Jazz Songbird was never lovelier.

All fellow Jazz disciples in the attendance will not forget.

I'd like to take an opportunity in this article to express heartfelt condolences to Brian Ward and his family, other family members and friends of Carol Ward.

Thanks to Betty Hoover - Founder and Leader of Jazz at the A Frame and all that helped put the tribute together.

It was a splendid tribute for a kindred spirit and wonderful woman.

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