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Study reveals that Twitter will not replace Blogging

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, October 26, 2009


Key findings in study entitled "An Analysis of the Blog WORLD: Its Present & Future Impact" demonstrate several standing theories related to social media may be myths as they relate to the greater pop

Las Vegas, Nevada,  October 15th  -  In an in-depth study, released at BlogWorld Expo '09, sponsored by of over 100 bloggers and social media experts, found that most bloggers do not foresee micro-blogging platforms, such as Twitter, which limits a participant's posts to a certain number of characters, replacing blogging.

During the course of the interviews, conducted by Spectrum Brand Strategy, LLC,  it was suggested that micro-blogging and social networks may become a point of entry for digital natives, but most see a certain percentage of entrants eventually developing their own blogs in order to expand their own original content.

Most see micro-blogging and blogging as an interdependent activity, with micro- blogging, especially Twitter, being used to market blog content. All agreed that micro- blogging will not replace blogging. In fact, more than 70 percent of bloggers participating in the quantitative survey said they never engage in micro-blogging.


The study, which was conducted over a few month period identifies  an increasing divide between perceived A-list bloggers and the larger population of bloggers. As a result, some long-standing conclusions established by digital immigrants today, the majority of bloggers,  are not necessarily being adopted by a growing number of digital natives, those who are born with the web. 


BlogWorld New Media Expo is the first, industry-wide conference and trade show for all new media.   Its mission is to promote the interactive digital media industry.

Spectrum Brand Strategy, LLC is a strategic consulting firm whose principals include Salah S. Hassan, Professor and Chairman of Marketing at the George Washington University. is a leading social media company whose purpose is to be an advocate and an opportunity platform for bloggers.  BlogCatalog recently partnered with BrooWaha to further provide bloggers with opportunities to enhance their personal brands and become more effective writers and journalists.


For a summary of the research report, released by at BlogWorld New Media Expo '09 on October 15th,  contact Tony Berkman at 210 323 9670.

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By Theresa H Hall on November 03, 2009 at 11:59 pm

To me Blogging is a section of the cyberglobe where I may expound to my hearts desire. I can write a short blurb or a long diatribe. A poem or en essay. Share photographs or lyrics from a song I have written. Blogging is here to stay and stay in a big way.

Twitter is more of a challenge wherein lies the development of ones strategy to get a point across within the frame of 140 characters. Yes, it is a fine way to socialize to a point, let people know bits and pieces about you, but is is also a platform where one can alert readers that they have written a new blog post.

I look at Twitter as fun and I look at BlogCatalog as home. is my Premier Social Network and docking host for my blogs. It is a place you can trust, that they take good care of their members, and offer them an amazing place to share.


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