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Sex Workers Can Save Us

by Lady D (writer), Perris, Ca, November 09, 2009

Our spies are everywhere, especially in your bedrooms.

We are pleading with all the prostitutes, pimps, madams and domanatrixssss speak out. We know you have the real truth; it is you who have the inside scoop.

Who needs the CIA, FBI, NSA or any spy? They won’t protect us from our own countrymen. We need your help, those old boys and girls of Wall Street and Congress talk between the sheets.

You’re the only ones that can help. You are the people’s secret weapon. And if you are too afraid to help, maybe you just have some great ideas. Perhaps you could just write a book. I would love to read dirt on Ann Coulter, although to think anyone sleeping with her, my eyes, my eyes….

So we know, you know, who is who and who is sleeping with whom and why they want to screw all of us.

What we really want to know is what is motivating these people? You who are most intimate must know. It can’t be money, they have so much.

What are their real attitudes about people? Are we just commodities to be used up and thrown away?

I have so many questions and get so few answers. It seems republicans are blowhards and democrats are spineless jelly fish.

Also we need to know much about these corporate knuckleheads. I mean I thought I was bad with money until the banking scandal. Sure glad I had no money to invest.

This would really be in your own best interest, as I am sure business is on the slow for you also. Those in the middle class sure aren’t going out and partying like they used to and well the upper-class has to be even more secret. How much did those B of A folks spend on sex at those parties?

I know the “stimuless package” has passed, but we need to really find out what is truly going on in the New World Order of corporatism. So we need you spies, to watch and listen. And above all tell all.

No more keeping it on the down low. We don’t really care who people are sleeping with, but we would at least like to know who is screwing us and why. Also who and why are we paying them to climax while we are just told to lie there and not make a fuss.

I know this asking an awful lot from a country with such a hypocritical standard. And maybe it is just too much to ask, but I am asking anyway.

I wish it were all legal of course, but then Big Brother would probably want to put cameras in the bedrooms. So maybe legal, isn’t such a good idea.

And yes I am writing with a bit of light humor, however I am very serious.

We need our spies for the people, as it seems investigative journalist are far and few between and getting no airplay in the corporate run media.

And maybe we could also enlist the hairdressers, gardeners, housekeepers and all others that are allowed within their inner sanctum.

You see, they need us as valued workers, not as angry slaves who plot their downfall. We are everywhere, from the dishwasher at your favorite restaurant to your most expensive companion.

We will watch and we will learn and WE THE PEOPLE WILL TRIUMPH. YES WE WILL.

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