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Letterman: Screwer Or Screw-ee?

Brilliant minds disagree

After reading Ed Attanasio's  editorial on the Letterman sex scandal, I felt is was my duty, and right, to express an opposing opinion.

Letterman is refered to as S-C-U-M.  In the headline. Scum?  WHY?

Is consentual sex between co-workers NEW news? 


Have any of the women Letterman has admitted to having had sexual relationships with previously filed  suit against him for sexual harrassment or rape?


Have there been any reports of his wife of six months filing for separation or divorce due to this 'breaking news'  and ratings initiated media scandal?


Only ONE  'victim' of this "SCUM", has been publically revealed - Stephanie.  During another sexual liason with an influential man employed by the network (never mind that HER morals and motives have not been questioned) confided, I assume, in confidence, of her trist with Letterman.  This man chose to not only betray her trust, but used this information in an attempt to extort two million dollars from Letterman.

Letterman contacted law enforcement, which designed a "sting" operation, requiring that he meet with this man on three different occasions.  Said man was subsequently arrested and charged with numerous illegal activities, and now faces up to fifteen years in prison.

There is a "SCUM" in this story, to be sure, but, in my opinion, it is not Letterman.

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2 comments on Letterman: Screwer Or Screw-ee?

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By Lumiere on October 07, 2009 at 02:32 pm

Sexual Harrassment is still sexual harassment as defined by federal law, regardless of anyones personal opinions (like or dislike) of David Letterman. In any other corporation he would be fired for such behavior, his celebrity status is no excuse and his behavior toward interns working for college credit is UNACCEPTABLE. Victims of sexual harrassment do not always file suit for fear of retaliation or fear of their safety. His ass should be TERMINATED from CBS, and humbled for his lack of integrity and work ethic. Let him be an example to every other successful American businessman in this country- sexual harrassment of employees WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and wealth does not put you above the law.... s-c-u-m bag.   

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By HalfHoff on October 08, 2009 at 08:41 pm

I am still very new to this site, and still trying to navigate my way through ... in response to Ed ... of course they probably wouldn't have slept with Letterman if he were a camera man ... which again questions their motives and morals as well.  I also don't feel that he is acting cavalier at all, he has admitted and aplogized publically more than once.

To Lumiere: If it WAS sexual harrassment, then why were no claims of such ever filed or brought to suit?  Even as the story breaks, none have chosen to accuse Letterman of sexual harrassment ... which in my mind, means consentual.

To Hurricane Dean (and also Lumiere) -- fearing their safety no longer seems a viable reason, especially since the story is now public.  However, I can see some considering doing so at this point, strickly for financial gain ... which again, to me,  gives insight to their character and motivations in the first place. 

If men and women who have sexual relationships with others in the workplace ... whether as an intern or as a superior are to be automatically dismissed/fired ... stand back - they'll fall like dominos.

I do not know what the  score + or - means or how I am to use it, if at all. I will try and find out.

Thank you for reading and commenting on my article.

Lea Ann 

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