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Better In The Dark Celebrates The Spooky Season


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October is here again and that means Halloween will here before you know it. And so will the annual BETTER IN THE DARK Obscure Horror Movies For Halloween Episode. But until it gets here why not pass the time until then by revisiting some of the BiTD horror themed episodes and past Obscure Horror Movies Episodes? Maybe you've missed some of them or you'd like to recommend them to friends who haven't discovered BiTD yet.

All of these episodes can be found here: Enjoy!

Episode #12: What Made Haddonfield Great

In this landmark episode, released in anticipation of the HALLOWEEN remake by Rob Zombie, Thomas Deja examines each and every entry in the original Halloween series, from Donald Pleasance worrying about releasing evil into the world to Busta Rhymes kung-fuing Michael Myers.

Episode#17: Hunting In A Cemetary Pitch For A Haunted Phastasm Before Dawn

Our first Halloween Suggestions Episode saw us talking about a sextet of unusual horror films for people who wanted to look beyond Freddie, Jason, and Michael for their October 31st marathon. Amongst the films discussed are Cemetery Man, Phantasm, From Dusk 'Til Dawn III: The Hangman's Daughter and both versions of House On Haunted Hill.

Episode#25: Re-Animate 'Em If You Got 'Em: The Re-Animator Trilogy

In this episode, we examine how the saga of Herbert West went from a striking case of a group of people all being in the right place at the right time to create greatness to...well, a zombie penis fighting a rat. Plus--an excerpt from a techno Reanimator song, and Tom consistently mispronounces the name of one of the key people in the series!

Episode#35: The Twilight Joys Of Vincent Price

In this episode, The Guys Outta Brooklyn celebrate the legendary Vincent Price by reviewing the seven films that comprise the MGM Screen Icon Set, including the two Dr. Phibes films, Theater of Blood and Witchfinder General.

Episode#38: The Three Faces of I AM LEGEND

In this episode, The Guys Outta Brooklyn examine the three cinematic adaptations of Richard Matheson's scientific take on vampirism, I Am Legend--all with different approaches, and all with something that makes it partially faithful to the source material. Plus some discussion of mixing animation with live action.

Episode#43: The Sleepy Wicker Man Under The Stairs On The Descent To Hell's Cell

Our second annual Obscure Horror Films For Halloween Episode, featuring Tom Deja and Derrick Ferguson's discussion on films like The Wicker Man, The People Under The Stairs, Highway To Hell and The Descent. Plus Tom imitates Gilbert Gottfried, some talk about films to make you claustrophobic, and thoughts on the fate of Patrick Bergin.

Episode#59: Black Gloves Are For Murder: The Giallo Stylings Of Dario Argento

In this episode, Tom Deja and Derrick Ferguson examine five films directed by the controversial director Dario Argento, a man known more for his imagery and strange behavior than for such things as plot and coherence. All brought to you by The Decapomatic.

Episode#61: Triumvirate Of Passion And Terror: The Films Of Clive Barker

Tom Deja and Derrick Ferguson join forces with Dread Media's Des Reddick to examine the trio of films directed by the great horror author Clive Barker. We also touch upon a variety of films adapted by Barker's works, and solve the mystery of why the poster to Nightbreed looks really, really familiar.

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