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Bloggers Unite for Preemies


On November 17th., an online social network with over 10,000 worldwide members has joined forces with March of Dimes to Fight for Preemies.

November is Premature Baby Awareness Month and the, an online social cause network,  has joined with the March of Dimes to raise awareness and money by holding a blogger action day this coming November 17th.   In the U.S. alone,  1 in 8 babies are born premature.   In lesser developed countries the rate of premature births is even higher.  

Premature death is a health crisis that threatens the lives and health of nearly one half-million babies each year.    It is the number 1 killer of newborns and often time leads to lifelong disabilities.   The number of premature births has increased by 31 percent since 1981.   It happens without warning and medical doctors still have little understanding of the reason and how to prevent it from happening.  Until the medical profession has more answers, anyone's baby, could be born too soon.

Medical advances have however increased the chance of survival of even the tiniest babies.  For many babies however premature birth is still a life or death condition.   It is the #1 cause of death during the first month of life.   And for babies who do survive the ordeal often face serious health challenges and lifelong disabilities. 

November 17th is dedicated to raising awareness of the crisis that is facing many of the world's babies.   The March of Dimes and is inviting bloggers, twitterers and anyone else who has a website to get involved by using their blog or twitter account to raise awareness of this crisis.   There are plenty of resources online where you can learn more about how to help.  If you have a preeemie baby, is asking that you contact them and share your story with the community.    According to Jason Teitelman, of, "Blogging for many families faced with the challenge of having a premature baby has become an important and useful way  to communicate with family and friends - friends and family can now know what's happening and the family is able to share without being faced with hundreds of phone calls and emails.  When a family is going through the challenging time of giving birth too early,  a blog is the one way to communicate with family.      On Fight for Preemies Day we are asking bloggers to use their blogs to connect and educate with their readers about this crisis."   To learn more,  visit where you can get an Action Badge for your blog or website. 

"The March of Dimes is the champion of babies and we are fighting to give all babies a healthy start in life.  Bloggers adn parents can visit to learn how they can help," said Dr. Jennifer L. Howse, president of March of Dimes.   "March of Dimes is thrilled to partner with and their founding company members to make Prematurity Awareness Day a featured social media event that will harness the power of the internet to fight for preemies."

Since 2007,  BloggersUnite has evolved from a BlogCatalog member initiative into a member-driven online community where bloggers can unite and coordinate activities for dozens of causes.  Every year, the founders of together with BlogCatalog members, dedicate additional time and resources to three underserved causes. According to Teitelman,  "if there is any cause that is underserved, it is this one.  We need to fight - because babies shouldn't have to".

Photo: Bev Robeertson from the March of Dimes promoting BloggersUnite: Fight for Preemies

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By ParentCoach on October 26, 2009 at 09:21 am

While more preemies survive today, than ever,  the complications associated with preeemie births has been growing.  These include vision problems caused by abnormal development of the blood vessels (according to a study done in Sweden), a higher likelihood of them developing autism.

I recently funded a study / story that is being conducted in LA on about the affects of living in 2 different areas.    A study done by the Columbia University School of Economics have shown that the use of EZ passes because of lower congestion and pollution may reduce a preemies birth rates as those families living within 2 miles of an EZ pass toll experienced a 10.8% decline in premature birth rates and and if you lived within 1.2 miles of an EZ pass toll preemie birth rates were 7.8% lower.   For more on the report and to provide feedback visit

Raising public and professional awareness about the scope of the problem and significance as the major contributor to infant mortality is a beginning to reduce avoidable risk factors. There are self care methods that reduce the incidence of preterm births as well as medical factors.   It's vital that the public become better informed about that increases and decreases the risks of having a preemie.   

If you are blogging there clearly are many issues surrounding babies who are preborn including the parents who are often faced with what was supposed to be a joyous occasion being one fraught with pain and fear.   Personally, my family has benefitted by each being able to share the challenges faced by my sister in law by keeping up with the challenges she is facing after recently giving birth to 2 preemies.   Prior to this happening I had never recognized how  valuable a blog could be.    I hope that her babies are in stable enough condition for her to participate in this bloggersunite event as she would be an outstanding spokesperson for this particular bloggersunite event and the importance of rallying people together using blogs.


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By TonyBerkman on October 26, 2009 at 09:32 am

I was reading a New York Times article that said:

"The problem is concentrated in poor countries, with the vast majority of the nearly 13 million premature babiesborn each year in Africa and Asia, according to the report, released on Sunday by the March of Dimes.

The rates are highest in Africa, but North America follows closely behind, concludes the first part of the report, a collaboration with theWorld Health Organization. ... Yet even in very poor countries there are ways to improve the survival of premature babies, but most mothers are not aware of them, said Dr. Joy Lawn, a pediatrician and director of Save the Children who is based in South Africa."

If you're a blogger or use Twitter, visit for more information on how to get involved.      

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By ParentCoach on October 29, 2009 at 02:17 am

A study by the University of Edinburgh has shown that as the number of premature births have increased significantly the survival rates for babies born early have also improved.  The study showed that risk of neonatal death from premature birth have more than halved between 1988 and 2005.

Here's a blog with many great post  about preemie births including causes,  risks, etc.

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