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The Creatively Constant Collective


The Nick Mancini Collective sets the online Network Concerts ablaze

Stormy Monday was doused with a fire of passion, beauty, and joy on October 5, 2009 in a secluded studio in Glendale.

The venue was filled with avid aficionados and aficionadas to support the Nick Mancini Collective.

Nick Mancini - Vibes and Percussion that varied in effects

John Tegmeyer - Clarinet

Katisse Buckingham - Flute and Saxophone

Greg Swiller - Upright Bass and Guitar

Otmaro Ruiz - Piano

Dan Schnelle - Drums

An evening of supreme adventure was on the menu featuring all original compositions by Nick. He started with the exploratory piece - "Bonkers for Yonkers", followed by "Rumors" This was very beautifully laid out.

"Moblius" A very nice percussive introduction was given with a funky groove from Katisse on Flute. The effect was inviting. Otmaro on Piano was as engaging and transfixing as always sharing depth and beauty with each touch to the black and ivory.

John on Clarinet tells his version of the story while Greg on Bass keeps it alive and stable with silky funk. I just can't put in any other terminology.

Dan on Drums is in the middle of this great song sharing a pulse which complexity that leaves one shouting for more.

The musicians "know" each other and "know" the music while incorporating their individual measurement to every measure of the given piece.

"Star Dreamer" highlighted John on Clarinet and Katisse on Flute Rich yet mesmerizingly mellow.

The veterans of the group, Nick on Vibes and Otmaro on Piano performed a lovely piece, "Loro" that confirmed playing and performing music is a journey which leaves you feeling as if you never want to return.

Nick on Vibes made it difficult to take a breath while watching the presentation and splendor of his gift presented. There are so many colors explored in his repertoire. It IS beautiful.

Otmaro likewise shares a gift bestowed on him musicality that is refreshing, delightful and full-bodied and soul touching. He goes places and takes you right there with him on that piano that makes one fantastic journey.

Together the two musicians are a dynamic duo the sage spirits music union.

The night brought together family, friends, and strangers in one common supportive link. We individually marveled at the magic of the evening and the perceptive moments we shared.

"Conspiracy Theory" took us through the mystery of its format with an eye opening enhancement akin to travel down a river with a plush and mellow touch. Otmaro gave us a superb Piano interlude and solo.

As we moved into "The Jinx" filled with varied time signatures and a subtle call and response like feel I was reeling with music paradise.

Otmaro gave us a Blues run and more.

Greg provided exquisite Bass work with shades and hues of musical dynamics that called for countless nods of approval. He was obviously having a good time with his instrument and Dan on Drums as well as all the others on stage.

A solo by Dan on Drums on "Smack Dab" was a shout to another land outside of Glendale. I'm certain neighboring cities enjoyed it as much as we did.

While the Collective explores and make each tune their own, they also pay attention to give an untarnished tribute to the Blues and to the pure essence of Jazz.

The evening could not have been complete without Mr. Mancini's signature tune,”Pasadena".

Katisse shared more of his novel style on Flute on this one.

Encores were heard throughout the studio and made known by the host of Network concerts.

An untitled piece was performed for the finale of the evening.

What a marvelous evening of music engagement and pleasure.

Many of these musicians have individual CD's very worthy of being added to any Jazz lovers collection.

Check out the Network concerts online to perhaps catch the Nick Mancini Collective in the archives of concerts presented.

Also, check out the Nick Mancini Collective performing in the Los Angeles Area or near you!

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By TonyBerkman on October 28, 2009 at 12:30 pm

Kim, wish I could have been there.  Sounds like an amazing evening.

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By Kim on October 28, 2009 at 12:47 pm

Thanks Tony! It was an incredible evening!! Being able to sit up front and engage in the experience of the musicians' music and with others was great. The studio was cozy and had a very welcoming feel.

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