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Silent Sickness

by Renee Shepard (writer), Elmira Heights, September 26, 2009


Everybody has a sickness, finding the one's that live within are the hardest.

Nobody likes to be sick, with colds or flu's or any part that ails the body, but a silent sickness is the worst kind.  The mental illness that lives within is frightening, enlightening, confusing and of all things unpredictable.  Kurt Cobain's Journals is my favorite book right now because just reading it gives a person both chills and laughter at the same time.  It seems sinful to laugh at such a sick man but it helps heal others who have it too.  Anyone with mental illness or anyone who has ever been exposed to it knows the deal, the person silently suffering from it is helpless to treatment, judgment and dignity.

Everybody tries 'talking' but Kurt took the harder way out and fought the demons that lived within his head by writing, drawing and I can only begin to think about the drug abuse that possibly made his mental illness worse.  From what I understand about Mr Cobain, he never saw a psychiatrist or mental illness doctor at any point in  his haunting life, if he had perhaps he would have been here with us and not committed suicide, see we are the same age and I too am sick at times and this book has been a fabulous crutch for me because I almost feel sane reading it, however the sickness is there, and always will be.

Silent sickness kills, if you have family members that are suffering from mental illness help them, hug them, let them know they are not alone in the world and of all things keep them off drugs, I strongly believe everyone at least once a day should review thier family and friends and attempt to diagnose this silent sickness while the person is still here with us. 

Kurt's suicide bothers me the most, he couldn't hack it, writing wasn't helping, music wasn't helping, nothing helped so the only thing left he thought he could do right was death which he certainly mastered on his first try. 

Silent Sickness is no joke, please help the mentally ill have a reason to live by supporting them and helping them maybe if just one person cared about Kurt, he'd still be here today trying to cope, but nope he took the easy one way street out of life and that is what hurts the most.

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