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Early Marriage High Horse, Healthcare Informants, & Not About Philosophy

by FMeekins (writer), , August 10, 2009

Early Marriage High Horse, Healthcare Informants, & Not About Philosophy

The real victim of the run in between Harvard malcontent Henry Louis Gates and officer James Crowley may actually be the poor woman making the call to police. For her efforts at being a good citizen, she has been labeled a racist and received various threats. At least the policeman is permitted to carry a gun and pepper spray. At her press conference, she should have made it clear that this would be the last time she ever lifts a finger for anyone in her COMMUNITY.

North Korea has executed a mother of three for distributing Bibles. Perhaps Bill Clinton should have made a bigger fuss over this incident than the imprisoned journalists who did, it must be remembered, violated the borders of a sovereign nation. Multiculturalists often point out how much America has to learn from non-Western cultures. Perhaps we should start by emulating North Korean policies towards illegal aliens. Instead of lavishing border violators with welfare benefits and the like, we give them harsh prison sentences.

Critics of Obama's healthcare plan should know that they are being watched. The White House is asking Americans to report to them the names of anyone spreading "disinformation" regarding insurance reform proposals. One might point out that, to a liberal, disinformation is anything they disagree with. When this call for ratting out your neighbors is coupled with the dismissal of citizens speaking out at congressional open forums as contrived activism, it seems the President is not quite the fan of "community organizing" that he heralds himself to be.

As much as he rides the issue, it causes me to wonder if there is some kind of profound unhappiness in the Albert Mohler household.

Has been my experience that the ones that nag single people the most about getting married themselves come from the worst of marriages. It is like for some reason they have to hound you into their own state of misery.

Interesting how the argument is made in such a way to actually heap as much or more condemnation upon the docile and behaved not likely to leave the church than those that can't keep their pants on parenting the tidal wave of bastard births sweeping across the landscape.

How about a little more of minding one's own business, Dr. Mohler?

The Mohlerites and Dobsonians lift up as some kind of ideal the past where people married in their early 20's.

Perhaps they would also care to address how many unhappy marriages were formed where the partners would have been better off had they remained single but simply got married because the parties no longer wanted to be snickered at as gay even though they are not.

Though it no doubt pains some of the uberpuritanical who crave to control every last detail of those around them, the Bible is remarkably silent as to by what age one MUST be married.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors have authorized the expansion of the Saudi Islamic Academy.

Shysters on the school's payroll claim the matter was about land use and not curriculum or philosophy.

Critics of the school claim the institution advocates violence against Jews and Christians, so much so that one valedictorian has been convicted of part of a conspiracy to assassinate George W. Bush.

Though one may believe whatever one wants under the First Amendment, I wonder if the fanatic multiculturalists assenting to this vote would have easily glossed over what this school teaches if the school was run by White folks from the Ku Klux Klan.

Since both the Klan and this school are both alleged to teach violence against Jews, I don't really see all that much difference between then.

More importantly, since it is not a matter of "philosophy", I wonder if the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will be as eager to grant requests made on the part of church groups, or does Christianity just happen to be the wrong religion?

by Frederick Meekins

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By Lady D on August 10, 2009 at 10:14 pm

How hard is it to check the facts? Not really that hard for a person with your supposed education.  Nobody cares if you have a different opinion, just get the facts correct.

Dean thanks for checking the facts.

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