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Mad Dash For Clunkers

More Proof That You Don't Want the Government Managing Health Care

It's popular and it's stimulating the auto industry...sort of.  But one thing that Congress didn't count on was that it would be depleted so quickly.

The plan for the program was to 1) stimulate car sales in this poor economy and 2) rid the roads of vehicles that go through gasoline faster than a Democrat goes through $700 billion.  The plan worked in that people were getting rid of old cars but according to one car dealer in the Los Angeles area who spoke on condition of anonymity, "The program's great, the problem we're finding now is people's credit is bad."

Well, what that amounts to is that leaves the money for those who have the credit to buy the cars and apparently enough people have had the credit and qualified for Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to notify Congress that the program is "out of funds" according to reports from the Associated Press.

So Congress' solution is to throw another $2 billion at the program.  Okay, but where are they going to get that extra $2 billion?  According to House Majority leader Steny Hoyer, the money was approved earlier in the year as part of the stimulus package that was crammed through Congress and signed by HRH Obama.

An interesting note about the discussions to appropriate more money, Rep. Hoyer said that Republican votes were needed for the additional money and that in order to secure them, a government auditing system was to be put into place to make sure the money was being spent as intended.  Just what we need, another bunch of bureaucrats, but it's to be expected when the government starts handing out free money.  It wants to know where the money is going even if it doesn't really care.

So here is where Cash for Clunkers stands right now.  The program is a government run subsidity for buying cars.  Of course you have to have a car that qualifies you for the program.  Then you have to qualify to buy the car then the money comes from the government to the car dealer and you get that much taken off the price of your car.  You never get the money -- the car dealer does.  You just get to say that you bought a car for $3,500 - $4,500 less than your neighbor.  How's that for a shell game?  You aren't $4,500 richer, the car dealer is.  The car dealer is keeping your $4,500 rebate from the government.  If he sells 10 cars, he just made $45,000.  So what does he do with that? He just buys another car or two (that's all he can do with it) and then it just sits there until someone else comes along to buy one of them.  He has to sell at least 5 cars to make enough rebate money to buy one more car to sell.  Would someone please show me where that stimulates the economy?  It stimulates the auto industry for about five minutes.  The people are still broke.  You never got that $4,500 so you can't use it to buy things you need.  You're just $4,500 less in debt than you would be otherwise.  I guarantee that anyone who has enough money to pay cash for a car isn't going to qualify for this program because he or she made too much money last year.  Only the people who can't afford a car payment in the first place will qualify and they'll still have trouble making their car payments because no doubt the clunker they traded in was paid off!

And this is the same kind of logic that will be running the government's health care program that so many people think they want.

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By RelivLynn on August 03, 2009 at 01:15 am

You point out the fallacy in any government run program - they hire yes men and women and don't ask the right questions.  Our representatives often don't read the bills they vote on or understand the full fiscal implications of those packages.  Stimulus sounds like a great idea - we'll figure out how to pay for it later and blame it on the opposite party.

Cash for Clunkers rewards people who have persisted in driving gas guzzling cars when the rest of us were trying to reduce gas consumption.  For example, our 1987 Honda would not qualify - gets too high a gas mileage for the program.  So...being responsible all along actually works against you in bale out or stimulus packages.  Huh?  How does that encourage more people to join the effort to save gas and contribute to the general good?

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By D. E. Carson on August 03, 2009 at 11:58 pm


"Because, after all,  we are the only industrial nation without a government funded heath care option."

...and that's the basis of your argument FOR socialized medicine?  C'mon Category Five, you can do better than that.  The fact that we are the only industrialized nation without a government funded healthcare program makes us the envy of the world simply because we've figured out a way to let the private sector take care of it.  A friend of mine's mother-in-law fell and broke her hip two weeks ago.  She's 84 and the surgery to correct the break was performed the next morning.  She went home from the hospital today after making better than expected progress while under "private medical care".  Under your socialized medicine plan, she would have never been given that surgery, she would have received some pain pills and sent home because the surgery would not have been approved for her because of her advanced age.  She would have been sent home and by now her hip would have started trying to repair itself leaving her unable to walk at all, whereas she is home with a walker and expected to be fully ambulatory within six more weeks.

I don't know if your parents are still alive, but if they are, you'd better pray Obama-care doesn't pass because if it does, and your elderly parents get sick, they won't get a doctor, they'll get an "end-of-life counsellor" who will basically say to them, "you know, you're old, you've had a good life, the government isn't going to treat you for your pneumonia.  So, enjoy these last few days of your life while you drown in your own mucous and don't worry, we've already got a nice place picked out to bury you when you die next week."

I've talked to lots of seniors who have nothing better to do than actually sit and read the so-called healthcare plan and they'd rather keep Medicare as it is now than have this garbage shoved down their throat.  At least with Medicare, they get a chance to die when it's time and not because some moronic bureaucrat won't give them the treatment they need.  You think people die unnecessarily now?  Wait until Obama-care passes, old people will be dying left and right in this country.  So frankly, your assertion that we all lose when corporations control our healthcare is wrong.  It's when the government controls our healthcare that we all lose, period.

RelivLynn:  Just thought you'd like to know that my 2003 Lincoln Town Car with it's V-8 engine and weigh-in at almost 2200 pounds doesn't qualify for the program either.  But that's okay, I get better mileage with it than most 6 cylinder Honda Accords.

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By D. E. Carson on August 18, 2009 at 01:45 am

So, when is the rightwing going to have an honest debate about health care?

When the left wakes up and realizes that it is not now nor has it ever been the responsibility of the United States Government to provide health care to the people.  The right has its stance: smaller government, free-enterprise, personal responsibility.  The left just loves the idea of having someone other than Bush in the White House and is so blinded by its hatered for Bush that it doesn't care one iota what the current administration does.

Why wasn't the ACLU screaming about the White House's chicanery at obtaining e-mail addresses?  Why did it take a question from Fox News' Major Garrett to expose the White House's phising scam?  Why wouldn't Robert Gibbs answer Garrett's questions about how the White House got e-mail addresses of people who had never even visited the White House's website?  Oh sure, all the chicanery is now over because the White House ended up with egg on its face.  Guess what people, Obama is doing the same things to you that you claim Bush was doing but you're too blind to see it!

Drink up, comrade.  The vodka only gets worse from here!

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