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Peace In Our Time

by Lady D (writer), Perris, Ca, July 31, 2009

Realizing where you put your focus is where you are going to go.

Woodstock was a sleepy little art town in upstate New York that had a music festival that changed history back in the summer of 1969.

Yes the Woodstock Music & Arts festival has changed from the summer of 1969 and yet it still has the same message. Now 40 years later still presenting the much needed message of PEACE. It is a message we need to hear more than ever, as we have new and more aggressive players in a world armed with even more weapons to destroy.

The Woodstock International Walk for Peace will be happening August 8-9 2009.

This group was started by Father John Nelson .”We are for peace; We are not against anyone.” They are not trying to recreate Woodstock, but they are trying to get the world to listen to a message long unheeded, Peace.

Go to

Then look around your own community and see where you can be for peace.

When Mother Teresa was asked why she was not participating in the anti war movement she replied, “when you have a rally for Peace I will come” She would definitely be in Woodstock for the walk.

It is time we really make our leaders hear. Speak up about Peace. Write your congress people. Send the same email, again and again until they hear.

Wear a peace sticker; make your own bumper sticker for Peace. It may sound simplistic in our jaded society, but the only way to change our society is to change how we see the world. The message of peace has been to long thought of as a cliché.

“Bad Vibes” is not some hippy term. We do know so much more now concerning how your emotions and thoughts literally (this can be proven scientifically) send out vibrations. We believe in radio waves and microwaves even though we can’t see them and yet we seem to dismiss our emotional and thought waves.

Well you say, I can see the results of radio and microwaves.  And you haven’t seen the results of the energies you and others put out? Well look around. Tell me you have never been able to feel when someone is angry even if their words say differently or you always love to go to coffee at some funky place because it makes you feel comfortable. All of that is because of the people that inhabit the place and their vibrations.

So now you have a choice to change how you act in the world. Bringing Peace into people’s consciousness will change the world.

Believe in Peace, believe it in yourself. We cannot promote Peace and yet ourselves be unpeaceful.

Woodstock International Walk for Peace is August 8-9 2009.  However we need to see what they are saying and keep going in our communities to achieve the much needed goal.

Much has been said regarding the message of “ Change.” Well changing the outside will never work if we don’t change the inside and the way we think.

Peace from the inside out will dissipate the hate and fear that is being spread. And realize we all are contributors when we are allowing ourselves to send out negative thoughts and emotions.

If we can create and believe the world we see, we can also create a peaceful world that brings forth the best in our humanity. What remains from the original Woodstock is a very powerful idea. Let’s teach our leaders that Peace can bring prosperity in a better way.

Woodstock International Walk for Peace -August 8-9 2009.  “A  small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.”

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By D. E. Carson on July 31, 2009 at 04:51 pm

I have no quarrel with the idea if peace.  So long as we all agree that peace is not the absence of war.

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By Lady D on July 31, 2009 at 07:09 pm

War has become quite the commodity. Until the profiteers have to personally feel the ill effects of thier actions, war will continue (remote drones just don't care.)

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