Wednesday, December 12, 2018

An Experiment That Would Make A Difference

What if there was clean water and healthy food available to those in prison?

Lead found in the water we drink and the air we breathe, resonates with prejudice, I am talking about the prejudice in ourselves.  Lead also contributes to the decreased intelligence and health of those with even a small amount of it in their system.  Chlorine, used to clean our water, resonates with anger.  Would you drink chlorine?  It is in the water we drink.

The food we provide for inmates in jail is nothing short of appalling, high in fat, salt, empty carbohydrates, and high in toxic additives, and low in nutrition.  The water in jails is full of lead and chlorine, some jails allow smoking, which is full of carbon monoxide, which resonates with depression.  

So, basically, a prison is full of angry, depressed, malnourished, self loathing, individuals who are locked down without exercise or sunshine.  So what happens when they are let out?  Oh by the way, let out with no job skills, not that there are any jobs, no housing, no education, and a prison record.  So what would you do in that situation? What options are there to make a better life, or even a semblance of a decent life.  After years of incarceration, institutionalized living, blind obedience to the bigger, badder, stronger bully, whether it be cop or convict.  What kind of transition awaits an angry, bullied person to find a changed world full of fear and hatred and judgment for a person who supposedly paid his dues to society.

How about an experiment to see how clean, filtered, lead and chlorine free water affects the inmates.  How about we provide them with nutrition befitting a human.  Vegetarian, pesticide free, nutritiously dense food such as quinoa, and yogurt.

Let's offer them breathing and meditation techniques to relax and quiet the mind.  It may sound silly to even imagine Bubba and Tyrone doing yoga, but hey it's an experiment, and well, they are a captive audience with nothing to lose.  Imagine what a difference a healthy bodied, open minded, individual could accomplish in a world full of closed minded, closed hearted , unhealthy, addicted individuals.

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