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Jobs Available: The Aliens Are Leaving

by baynurse (writer), Sausalito,California, July 27, 2009

The job-stealing aliens are going back home. So now the real Americans can have their jobs back.

Another result of the ripple effect of the Bush-Laden economy is that undocumented workers can no longer find work enough to sustain their meager existence here, and still send money to support their land, homes, and families that wait for them to return.

So now there are many jobs that they took from the American's available. 

Now you too can enjoy the hot summer sun on your back while you pick the seasonal fruit by hand, forget even trying to keep the scratches and bug bites clean, just keep working, because this job only pays for the work you do.

Like children?  Well, children love ice cream, you can make kids happy by pushing your own ice cream cart all over town and stand at parks and anywhere else that won't kick you out to make a few bucks off these spoiled fat kids who want ice cream.

Love the smell of fresh cut grass?  Well gas up the Toro, it's grass cutting time, you love your huge lawns, now care for them yourself, ah the joys of weeding, loading up the green recycle bin with all that grass, and pruning of trees, plants and flowers, forget golf and tennis on TV, you got lawn.

Got kids? well, since you lost your job, you can now spend time with them, taking them on walks and reading them stories, cooking them healthy meals they will actually eat, and cleaning up after their messes. Maybe you can sneak in a nap while they nap, they may not learn to be bilingual, but hey who needs it, now that the Mexicans are gone, we can all go back to talking just one language.

So much has changed in this SUV, Megabyte, one for all and all for me, economy.  Now I talk to my neighbors and friends who are going back to their families and hometowns in Mexico, to live a life of comfort and abundance.  Their homes have been built with the money they send weekly to their devoted wives and eager, growing children, who have worked hard to build their homes, and work their land to supply their food and economy.

These undocumented workers have survived what most Americans could hardly stand, they have endured racism, insults, laws being passed to prevent them from health care, or education. They have endured poverty, humility, and being made to work the very land stolen from their ancestors.  Now, my Amigos! Go and enjoy the fruit of your labor, return to your families, enjoy your beautiful country abundant in beautiful, hard working, culturally rich people.  You have earned it!

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