Friday, October 19, 2018

My Thoughts on Kim Kardashian

As a fellow Middle Easterner nothing is more humiliating than watching Kim Kardashian speak to the media. I heard her name a couple times via the radio and television but nothing was quite like seeing her talk on "Access Hollywood". In all my years of being exposed to American airheads including white wash Middle Eastern American airheads, never have I come across such an ill-informed prude of a person. In day of age where Iranian woman in the U.S. are becoming doctors, lawyers, and pharmacists Ms. Kardashian appears to have tipped the other scale and gives a horrible impression of the Middle Eastern American dream.

"Like as her friend, I know it's like hard" says Kardashian in response to her gal pal Nicole Ritchie's DUI arrested on Monday morning. Dressed in a low cut pink dress, not even her long hair could disguise her painfully stupid state of mind. Why do we give human beings like this air time? It's like having President Bush make a keynote address telling us to stay the course, etc.. Are we not sick of stupid people? Are we not already numb by hearing about Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and what others with comparable social IQ have to say about society?

Back to the Middle Eastern American perspective here. Ms. Kardashian is nothing but a trust fund kid whose life is synonymous with fun, partying, and more fun. There is no accountability on her part nor on the media to accurately show the progress Middle Eastern Americans have made in this country. Conversely, my friends are a testament to education, class, and philanthropy. I have one buddy who promotes law lectures with Alan Dershowitz, another who is a young dentist in Beverly Hills, and one who is an accomplished Psychologist.

Ok, so you might say how does this possibly affect me? Well you have a valid point. I never said I was not conceited, rather that I choose to surround myself with smart, kind hearted people (in my opinion of course). Based on Kardashian's demeanor and the company she keeps I doubt that she has ever cracked open a college text book let alone a book of learning.

Rather, I would take a strong guestimate that she spends most of her time recovering from a night of drinking followed closely by a stroll to Fred Segal for a light Chinese chicken salad with heavy shopping. I would be willing to bet that most Middle Eastern men could care less about her education. They are more interested in looking more successful than their mates. Well, times are changing folks. The irony of all this is that there is a movement of gorgeous Middle Eastern American women who are immensely educated sprouting up in Los Angeles and through out the country. Diamond dealers and the like would melt at the breadth of these individuals.

Wake up patriarchal society! Wake up "Access Hollywood"! Wake up corporate America! You are dealing with a bitchy, pushy educated beautiful but imperfect Middle Eastern woman. Fancy cars and homes are within their own reach. No sugar daddies needed. This is my proclamation to the Dardashian Camp: Be whatever you are but just be original. If I want to see the same stuck up blonde or brunette woman all I have to do is go to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). So get in where you FIT IN (get it) and I don't mean that pricy dress from Neiman Marcus!


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